Sunday, October 7, 2012

OCT 6 Ben Marries Ryn (a/k/a Ben's Last Stand)

 The reason ...
 Dad and I get ready for the drive thru the Baraboo Hills to a gorgeous wedding!
Our granddaughter marries her best friend!

 Camera - ready; proper clothing - ready; lots of tissues - more than ready!

 Our son in law, Jim (regional salesman for Prairie farms), A/K/A Father of the bride; and our niece, Sheila Mast from Michigan.  Her husband played the organ and Emmett Zimmerman sang.
DEREK - nephew (Jim's son)
 Beautiful woodsy scenery all around the property!
 My awesome of all awesomes - my great grandson Nolan!  Isn't he a doll!
 Mums and circus roses all around!
Hubbie gets a boutonniere!
Nolan and my newest great grandson Jacob Gaffney!
 Wendy caught me taking photos!  She has such a lovely profile!  Bride Laurynda and she have been lifelong playpals and best of friends.  Coming up the lane, is Shelly - my youngest and the best nurse in Milwaukee County!
Shelly Penberthy - you look so awesome!
 DRAMA QUEEN!  You bet - meet Aubrey, my sweetest darling and so far, my ONLY great granddaughter!  She is her mom all over again!  I bumped Verdon for my tissues - gotta use one!
 ATTENTION - Music changes, and..........
 Matron of Honor, Kaitlyn, showing in photo, and my daughter and son in law arm in arm with my granddaughter - Bride to be - Laurynda Rose!
 Becky, Laurynda, Jim - it's crying time!  Second tissue!
 Mom and Dad's blessings - hugs - and we have a few giggles amongst the tears.
 Isn't that a beautiful Mother of the Bride Dress!  - Awesome to go with these fall colors!
 Attention by Matron of honor, Katie.  To the right you see a lovely table with candles and sand to be combined by the new family and union of all.
 Vows, sorry I was in a seat directly behind my sweeties!
Rev. Verlyn Harr officiating.
 All 7 maids awaiting.......

 Blessing of the rings.......
 The family proceeds to the altar...
 The children were just awesome!  One can't expect less right now!

 But everyone looks to mom and dad for full directions and it's finalized!
 My awesome Nolan IN STEP with Groom Ben!
 Finalization of vows....
 and kisses and giggles.......
Ben is a wonderful person - just makes Laurynda's life so complete!

 Send Nolan over to lead........
 And Grandma Becky is right there to give him a little move.......

 Wouldn't this be a beautiful photo in our ancestry album?!!
 Derek Hovde
 Linda C.
 Moi' and Shelly ... (aren't we gorgeous!)

 Dad and I don't do photos often - my girls will attest to that!

Here's my little queenie, Aubrey Helen!

 THE BEGINNING OF A LOVELY LONG MARRIAGE to the 2 best friends in my world!


  1. Linda, Those are some beautiful pictures and everyone looks so happy. Your granddaughter is just stunning. Thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures.
    Hugs, Patricia

  2. Beautiful wedding, love the pic's, now I need tissue! Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding, I love the dress, flowers, family, and beautiful scenery


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