Saturday, September 15, 2012


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On Tuesday of this week, she celebrated her launch of coordinating paper and stamps and lots of creativity with a huge candy giveaway.

(from Inger's blog post): ♥
The major Giveaway contains:
The Surprises which are the following sheets:
*My first christmas Collection of 12 sheets printed on white cardstock*
*My second Christmas/Winter Collection of 9 sheets printed on white cardstock*
*1 pack of 2 large Flowers white*1 pack of large Flowers cream*
*1 large Flower cream*1 pack of 6 Flowers cream* 
* 1 pack of  24 Roses* 1 pack of 2 large red Flowers*
*1 pack of 10 red Flowers*1 pack of 6 blue Flowers*10 blue Flowers*
*1 pack of 6 beige/brown Flowers* 2 fabric Flowers*
*1 pack of 4 lace Ribbons* 1 Ribbon cream/brown*1 Ribbon red/white*
*1 Ribbon blue/white*3 packs of Charms*1 pack of Buttons*
*1 Frame white resin*1 pack of white resin Corners*
*1 mini Album*4 paper Bags*
No.1 Winner gets the major Giveaway on the picture!
No.2 Winner gets the Christmas collection of 12 sheets
printed on white cardstock
No.3 Winner gets the Christmas/Winter collection of 9 sheets
printed on white cardstock
No.4 Winner gets 2 printed sheets of my digi stamps designed
for Squigglefly
No.5 Winner gets this Card made by Inger (below)

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Linda and for joining my blog Giveaway as well :)
    ♥ Hugs, Inger


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