Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In April of this year I had this wonderful image to color and create cards from - and I believe it's been my most popular and fun card and post; as I mentioned my ancestry in that post.  Click on the above link to read that post if you wish. 

But now I have something special to share with you that happened once I posted that card! 

See the 8x11 photo above the Queen Bee Wringer Washer!  I received a request to make a couple 8x10s of the Washer Woman, image from Squigglefly, created by Lynne Stansbery - a wonderful digi image artist!  I colored the requests with copics and ended up making several cards as well.

I discussed the display with second year Board member Becky  H. of Baraboo WI.  She states:

These old washing machines and wash day equipment are housed in a display at the Pioneer Log Village in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Our collection ranges from washboards from the mid-1800s to the very first electric washing machine “Thor” which is copper from just after the turn of the century. This old wringer is attached to a wooden wash tub. This display really makes you appreciate your modern conveniences!

We wanted to show someone using the items in the display and this image was perfect – and so was the copic coloring.

I thought it quite coincidental that Mrs. Hovde also goes by the Pen Name Queen Bee - note the inscription on the Queen Bee Wringer.  This particular Queen Bee wringer apparently was originally made in Ripon WI around turn of the century (early 1901).

Now how cool is that!  I'm glad to have my automatic!  But put a visit this summer or more specifically on September 15 for a grand afternoon at this wonderful historical village, complete with homes, church, school, museum, food and drinks and many memories!  Since the July 4 visit was cancelled due to extreme heat, look forward to an awesome Sept. 15!!

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  1. How very cool to know that all the people touring this place will see your wonderful card!


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