Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend Blog Hop

This lovely lady is an image you can acquire at's website.  A group I belong to, My Scrapbook Place is having a blog hop this weekend.  Why not come hop along and see some creations.   The lovely flowers on this 6x6 card were made by my friend Shannon.  Stop by her blog and leave her some love.  I'm sure she'd love for you to come visit her Etsy store also.  Click on the links for her blog and store.

Well I suppose I should share a story or fun happening about our mom way back when.  Well my mom has been gone for 50 years now, so my memories are few.  The good times I remember (before she fell so ill and Dad passed away too) was of her sitting on the porch rocking away with the neighbor there too.  We children were out on the lawn having fun, trying to basically kill each other!  No one ever succeeded cause it was all in fun and jest.  I remember her kind smile and the way she always was so neatly dressed and her dark curly hair all pretty and poised around her head.  She and Dad married in 1944 and Dad was still part of the war.  But when he came home for good, we all rejoiced and enjoyed every moment we could with him.  He passed away 6 years before mom leaving her a 34 yo widow with 4 children.  Times were hard; but we loved each other.

And the reason I picked this lady with the washboard, is I remember a special wash day when we were using the wringer washer and mom's arm slipped and went thru the wringer.  She was bruised afterwards for a long time.  I do remember using the metal washboard to help wash out my brother's overalls and jeans.

Ah the good times of childhood.  Now hop on over to my friend

Leave a little note you've been here and have a very caring weekend.  If your mom is still on earth, hug her or call her; if she's not, spend the day with someone needing some company for the weekend.  Many hugs!


Here is the Blog Hop order. Have fun, and if you get lost along the way, come back---you don't want to miss anyone's post!
Your Scrapbook Place - return there and tell us your fave mom or dad story!


  1. Aww..
    Such a beaitiful vintage inspired card!! Love the feather you added...and the lace. Great coloring and gorgeous card! Hugs,T

  2. Beautiful card Linda! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Love your card Linda, and your coloring is just superb! I enjoyed reading about your memories!

  4. I so love that Squigglefly image! your card is awesome, and I loved your stiry of your memories with your mom. Thanks for sharing@!

  5. This mother is so AWESOME sure reminds me of my childhood.
    Love the coloring so much! Great choice

  6. Love the image, superbly done!! WOW, so many good memories, it is ones treasure in life, thanks for sharing !!
    lotsa luv

  7. You know I'm already a fan of your cards like this! Thanks for sharing your memories with us! Great job!

  8. Happy Mother's day to my mom!


  9. Beautiful card and love how you described your mom. I do remember the wringer wash machines my mom had too. She is gone also but I miss her every day.

  10. Love seeing your cards Linda - they are all just beautiful! Love how you made this so elegant-looking! Enjoyed reading the memories of your parents.

  11. Great card!! Did you color this image??!! She is so detailed.

  12. This is such a cute card. I am loving all the details. Your coloring is fab.


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