Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom's Day???


Ok, here is where I get up on my pedestal and do a little pounding on the heads of all those Hallmark people who created a day for Mother's.  Well didn't they realize a lot of women are NOT mothers - but are aunts/sisters/nieces - just women!  I proclaim this day, May 13, WOMEN'S DAY!  Be sure to send a card to a friend - a female friend! - and enjoy the day yourself.

I'm making up a few extra of these lovely orchids.  They are just awesome to color up.  It's a great image to purchase at Squigglefly shop.

The entire card is completed of leftover materials - the image was even given to me!  At one time I had stamped a bunch of smaller stamps and premounted them on black and have them stored in my album (by theme).  All the paper is years old but stored neatly and quietly and it's like having my own store at my finger tips and no gasoline involved in the trip!  Even the pearls are pifs from last year.  This is indeed a GREEN CARD for our Scrapbook Place Challenge.  Click that link and check the group's out!

Grab a free image at the shop and get into the challenge this weekend - anything for Mother's Day.  I hope I inspired you with the items I pulled from my stash to complete this!

Meanwhile have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful! this is one of my favorite images and your coloring is just awesome!

  2. Linda, this is such a simple layout but oh, so beautiful! I love the colour of the orchids. It's such a beautiful card!

  3. Beautiful! I love those colors and your coloring on the image is great!

  4. Linda I really like your tone on tone card-very elegant!

  5. This is very beautiful. Love the colors!

  6. As you have read many times on my posting I am a big fan of using the stash first, so I try and use up all my bits and piece of scraps! This is nothing short of amazing make from your stash! Great design and image! Hope your weekend was grand!

  7. The next time I snag a PIF of image from you, they will have to be colored iof they're flowers! I just can't get them to look so beautiful, like you can!


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