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Launched at Squigglefly on Sat. April 14!!!!
This is also being entered into Outlawz distressed challenge GC41612

Isn't she a peach?  My great great grandmother and this darling little sweetie are very very similar.  I could not believe it when I put the image and the photo side by side!  And I'm sure in my great great grandma's days, either she or her househelp did her wash on a washboard!  Her husband was the judge of Richland County for over 10 years. I've included photos of both of my great great grams on Dad's side!  Just scroll down a little bit.

This card is a lovely 6x6 embellished lots of goodies from my stash!  I just wanted to really recreate that down home feeling in this card.  So I've used:
Buttons on the paper background (center piece)
5 Flowers
Brads - penny brad (I'm sure she found pennies in pockets of jeans just as I do today!)
Stickles (wash soap water bubbles)
Digi image
Embossed Laundry Room sentiment tag
Stitching (real stuff not faux)
Stickers - adhesive backed fluorishes
There are 4 really cute sentiments that come with this image and its reverse image - I have already made up 7 cards with her.  I just adore this bit of down home type of living.  Come on over to Squigglefly and grab a new image by Diana Garrison or this one by Lynne Stansbery or any of the 100s others or even a freebie and get into the contest this week!

These are photos of some of my ancestors who really did use a washboard!  :) Have a great wash day!

Grandmother Urania Fries (Dad's mom)
My dad standing with his Grandmother (his mom's mother)

Great Grandma Anna Jennings (Dad's mom's grandmother)
 Great Great Grandma Margaret Fries (Dad's Father's Grandmother)


Holly said...

okay the penny brad was a great thought! I love your coloring and the suds look so real. I'd love to see the photo of your great great grandmother!

Tammy said...

Wow Linda! She's incredible! Love the image and you've created a fantastic card with her! Glad they invented the washing machine!

Melissa said...

I thought that penny was real!!! This card brings me back. I'm 38 and I can remember my paternal grandmother using one of these when I was very young because she just didn't like her new washing machine and would curse at it in Cajun French. Great card Linda!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

What a fabulous card, wow I love it!

Thanks for visiting my blog too :) You asked a question about the clouds on my card, I have a link back to my blog where I have a tutorial on how to make the clouds for you:

Have a great day! Jan

Holly said...

Oh I'm so glad you edited this to add your photos!

Becky Hovde said...

Love the pictures - perfect way to combine family history and our crafts/hobbies!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a stunning card! it looks very professional... not handmade! just gorgeous! love all your textures.

Kathy Bradley said...

Wonderful card - I will be getting that image. You did an awesome job bringing her to life - perfect coloring. I love the card!! And, thanks for sharing pics of your family!!

debbie said...

I love this card.. so much I went and got the image.. thanks

Sheree said...

Fabulous!! The resemblance really is uncanny!
I saw your card at The Outlawz and needed to have a closer look! ... Love it!

Angelicnwa said...

OMG! I just LOVE this card! You did and awesome job with it! Way to go!


Wonderful card! Love the image and especially the sentiment! Also enjoyed all the photo's...I actually remember my Mom using a wash board!

~Tammy~ said...

That's spooky! Thanks for sharing your family photo's!

The card is so funny! I love it as well as the design elements and texture you have added! Fantastic share!

Pat said...

Your card made me laugh!! I have pictures of family but mine are all grim and serious looking (some with uni-brows as well!) Your family looks happier!

bumblebee creations said...

wow! This is a really fun post to look at! A bit of history!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your card!

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