Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Under Attack!

Every year we have an invasion of many species since we live in the country in an earth berm home.  I have found baby snakes warming themselves in front of the fire place, even a dead snake one of the cats brought in for me, oh yeah mice (not dead) in my blue himmy's mouth with feet and tail dangling.........just all kinds of critters.

Today began the onslaught of these creepy crawly things.  We have not found an insecticide that even touches them.  Their numbers keep growing, I just keep my broom handy.

My question of you today is:  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE?


Melissa said...

Looks like a scene from a horror movie!

Shawna said...

Criminy!!!! At first I thought they were scorpions, but on closer look, I don't think so.

Sandy said...

LOL - they look like seed pods to me that have blown in - but yet again... eeeeew! crawlies! :)

Diane said...

They look like those things that fall off of trees...and they do look like little skeletons huh? lol

Scrapbookingprincess Jamie said...

To me they also look like parts of a tree, are they actually crawling?

Cheryl said...

Yikes! I've never seen anything like these either.

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