Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BUBBA FISH - Paper Lace

Answer to yesterday's photo. My husband I set up that photo to appear realistic.  Those "seeds" or "catkins" are actually called aments. And those are the male aments of the Cottonwood tree. We have 4 huge cottonwoods well over 90 yo on our property. Did you guess right? And no they don't crawl, they fall from the cottonwood trees and land all over and while doing that the female aments are also falling but I have no idea how reproduction occurs in a tree! Here's a link: CottonWoodTree Info

BUBBA FISH says "Happy Birthday" in a unique way!
Bubba is the work of image artist Crissy Armstrong, and I thought I'd use the image in many different ways - all with my new found love of paper lace!  The neat treat of paper lace is if you need a different color, just bring out those copics and water paints and distress ink and color your own!

Come on over to Squigglefly and check out all the fishy opportunities!  Leave me a comment (and if you buy a new image please lmk what one you purchased) and I'll come visit you tomorrow!


  1. This little guy is so cute! Paper lace is a new one on me. But I do like the idea! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Really cute cards Linda. I love your sentiment and the borders are wonderful! You made each card unique!

  3. I love how you used the image in different colors schemes. Both are fabulous.

  4. Linda, I love your work! I nominated you for an award-go check it out on my blog tomorrow!


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