Saturday, March 31, 2012


Oh I do love the first release dates of beautiful art!  Today is just that, the first release for this image!!!  It's something very special to also be invited to color up that image and dream it into a card or project.  On March 29 my friend Holly invited me to take this beautiful image drawn by our image artist Lynne Stansbery and create something wonderful for you.

I actually printed several of these images - I would like to do one in pure sepia tones using only my copic markers!

The friendly bee in the right hand upper corner was just peering out to me under my garden stash, begging to be displayed!  He's a bit large for the project, but I don't think the internet police are going to say no to him!

I added the wonderful quip given to me by a friend which reads:
"Old Gardeners never die; they just soil their plants!"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ANYTHING GOES AT SQUIGGLEFLY =- use up those scraps!

BY Image Artist Lynne Stansbery
How often have you hit the ball into the ruff and found a dragonfly sitting on it!!!  This image actually is in the Valentine stampset called My Punny Valentine 3 (click on link above) - how nice to get a birthday card digi as well!  Check it out!


This is an A2 card in Landscape.  The background paper was in my stash.  I actually had enuf paper to make 4 almost identical cards.  WOO HOO!  Nothing feels better than building up the birthday card file!

Take a look at Squigglefly's shop and pick out a freebie or purchase one of the very cool new digis by awesome artists and enter into our weekly challenge.  This challenge ends Sunday evening and truly is:


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


THE SQUIGGLEFLY CHALLENGE FOR THIS WEEK IS "ANYTHING GOES".  This is my 2nd post of entries!  I have to tell the truth:  I AM A SHY BEAR LOVER!  Lynne Stansbery is the artist of this little fella and I find him in so many poses.

These cards are going to our troops along with a group of more cards.  Anything to make their life easier so they can sit down and enjoy a letter to home and in return!

Come join us at Squigglefly Blog for this challenge!  Grab an image, free or purchased, from the store and join in the fun.  You could easily win a free stampset from Sqiugglefly!  It doesn't get any perkier than that!


Monday, March 26, 2012

ANYTHING GOES - Let's have fun with those images!


In our favorite digi image store - SQUIGGLEFLY!
Are you like me, shoe boxes full of 6x6, 4x6, 3x4, etc of patterned papers?  My goal this year is to use up a lot of the older patterned paper.  I chose the Tulip Trio from Squigglefly to have some fun with my extra papers on hand.  I did a reverse print for the 2nd image set, used some large paper ric rac (made for me by friend Pammie with MAKE THE CUT), added some black bling and coordinated the greens and oranges for some POW on these 6x6 cards!

Come on over to Squigglefly blogspot and join in this fun challenge.  You can grab  a freebie at the store or purchase one you particularly like or use one you have on hand.  In any event, get it on your blog, and come on over and drop off a link to your blog.  If you do not have a blog, just let Holly know at the blog site.  Her email is there.

Take a peek at the other cards made by everyone and get some great inspiration!

Meanwhile, let's have fun just doing "ANYTHING GOES"!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BUBBA FISH - Paper Lace

Answer to yesterday's photo. My husband I set up that photo to appear realistic.  Those "seeds" or "catkins" are actually called aments. And those are the male aments of the Cottonwood tree. We have 4 huge cottonwoods well over 90 yo on our property. Did you guess right? And no they don't crawl, they fall from the cottonwood trees and land all over and while doing that the female aments are also falling but I have no idea how reproduction occurs in a tree! Here's a link: CottonWoodTree Info

BUBBA FISH says "Happy Birthday" in a unique way!
Bubba is the work of image artist Crissy Armstrong, and I thought I'd use the image in many different ways - all with my new found love of paper lace!  The neat treat of paper lace is if you need a different color, just bring out those copics and water paints and distress ink and color your own!

Come on over to Squigglefly and check out all the fishy opportunities!  Leave me a comment (and if you buy a new image please lmk what one you purchased) and I'll come visit you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Under Attack!

Every year we have an invasion of many species since we live in the country in an earth berm home.  I have found baby snakes warming themselves in front of the fire place, even a dead snake one of the cats brought in for me, oh yeah mice (not dead) in my blue himmy's mouth with feet and tail dangling.........just all kinds of critters.

Today began the onslaught of these creepy crawly things.  We have not found an insecticide that even touches them.  Their numbers keep growing, I just keep my broom handy.

My question of you today is:  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE?

Monday, March 19, 2012

2 FLOWER CARDS - SFC 1112 - Handmade flowers

By Image Artist Angela Donato

Do you love yoyos as much as I do?  I love to make them and have them on hand for all sorts of projects.  Then I can take a simply elegant already made up flower (purchased) and attach it to the center of the yoyo and come up with something my own.

This lovely card was really easy to do.  The script backgrd. is from a cuttlebug folder embossing and then rubbed with a THoltz distress ink pad.  The beautiful puffy flower (peony) was cut out with space around it using one of my spellbinders.  The leaves are from a Heartfelt Creation die - I had several cut and filed according to size and item so I could just pull and color and attach.

The Sugar and Spice is a low profile chipboard accent.  The whole card is just 4.25 x 5.5 but looks much largers, doesn't it.  I hope you liked it.  I also hope you join us in the most recent challenge at Squigglefly's blogspot as you could win free digis just for creating something and being the lucky draw!

 Allie & Her Bunny - artist Cheryl Alger
In the Squigglefly shop NOW!!

I received a very cute 'thinking of you' card from my step daughter and it inspired me to do more round cards.  So with 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock, I cut a circle card leaving about a 1 1/2 inch for the actual fold area.  I then I layered various circle sizes and added my image of Allie and Her Bunny, by image artist Cheryl Alger! 

The flowers are handmade by me -  and I do seel a few if you are interested.  The centers come empty to you so you can put a rhinestone brad/button/pearl/ or whatever in the center.

Pardon the tilt in the card.  I'm still seeing double from my surgery on Monday, so this is really taking a chance!  Have a great Easter!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!


If you haven't joined our challenge on Squigglefly's blog, hop on and do it.  Dance a jig with my leprechaun, color up some paper lace with gold leaf, add some bling here and there - and let's have a party!

Come back and leave me a comment that you entered the contest.  I want to hear it!

What?  I DON'T HEAR YOU YET????????

Friday, March 16, 2012


When I think of spring, I think of Easter.  When I think of Easter, I think of Easter bunnies,and when I think of bunnies I think of them hopping around, and when i think of them Hopping around I think of Blog HOPS and when I think of Blog Hops I think it's time for ANOTHER BLOG HOP!!!

The hop at YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE will start on APRIL FOOL'S DAY, 4/1, and last through midnight on Friday, 4/2.

The theme of the hop is FUNNY. Make a funny card with a funny sentiment, or a joke or riddle, or just a funny looking image or design. OR having a SURPRISE element to it (POP UP, EXTRA ELEMENT, ETC).

If you'd like to hop along with us, join right in.  If you would like to  include your blog in our hop, awesome!  Sign ups for those who have blogs starts NOW. Just let me know and make a card along the theme and upload it into your Blog and post something about it (how you made it, why you made it, funny story that inspired you to make it).

Jump with us April 1st thru the 2nd!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DELIGHT IN SIMPLE THINGS - SFC1012 (and update on surgery)

(A Squigglefly Image - by artist Lynne Stansbery)

The above image fits right into Holley's Hobbyists' recipe challenge at Squigglefly's blog today.  Flowers, decorated paper clip (attached to a blingy heart in upper right area) and patterned paper.  I chose a cuttlebug die and then distressed the design and chose a 6x6 card back.  I then added a wide piece of lace over it all to bring back that vintage feel.  The wrist just begged for a touch of jewelry so I gave her pearls.  Note the butterfly on the finger!  One year I had a huge Cecropia moth light on my finger and that was the true inspiration for thise card!

There are different varying hand positions with this digi stampset.  Stop on over and check it out.  Click on SQUIGGLEFLY and grab a goodie and come back and join us in this fantabulous challenge!


Surgery went super well yesterday but mostly because I was high on some good drugs!  Now the drugs are worn off and I'm putting drops in the left eye all day long hour by hour.  The stitches are sticking the inside of the lid and feel like giant boulders between the eyeball and the lid (like when you have a big piece of something in your eye)! 
Doc called to check on me last nite, and when I told him about the boulder he left in there, he laughed and said get used to it - it's going to be for 2 or 3 weeks he requested we come back in at 8 am this morning and he'd check on it..  (And this is only the first eye - I go back in about 4 to 6 weeks to do the other eye, which can't be too soon as the vision is deteriorated horrendously there.)
So back to the dr. today for both good and bad news.  First of all, I have a quadrangle incision in the eyeball in front on the eyeball but under the eyelid, which is supposed to collect and expunge pressures (liquids) - a project your eyeball does by itself if you do not have glaucoma.  However in my case the corneas are very thick and diseased with glaucoma and the surgery was necessary.
However the little bleb is not working, it's already healing itself shut.  I told him a few weeks ago that my body heals very fast.  He frowned at that time because he wants this to heal really slow so that the opening will actually heal open.  So some manipulating around this a.m. under a blue light and he opened the little 'ditch' up again leaving all 3 stitches intact but my pressures immediately dropped from 23 to 10 (temporarily) in that eye.  This is our desired goal (8 to 10) in each eye.
But he has to leave it stitched for a couple weeks, and if it heals up again by Thurs. morning, he will remove only 1 stitch to allow draining to begin better.  (He's allowing me to stay home tomorrow!)
It's a general eye pain 24/7 but if I keep looking down I feel much better.  It's just when I open the eye to look somewhere it really brings me down again.  It's worse than having a boulder in there, to tell the truth!
And of course if I'd go to bed and stay there, I'd probably be in better shape pain wise.  BTW I have to sleep with a plastic shield over it and lay on my back - no switching to the sides for awhile.  This is all to protect the fragile eye.
So for those of you who were wondering if I fell off the earth overnite, glad to provide this synopsis for you.  Life goes on.  The Lord Heals In His Own Time!
:) Linda
I have plenty of cards scheduled to arrive on various days, so please check in.  I won't be updating with my progress very often tho.  Simply cause I can't see what I'm typing and in a way that's an advantage a touch typist always has!  LOL!

Check out the Shoe as March comes marching in!

My friend Pammie from Washington State is one of the most talented artists I know.  The above shoe of tulips and spring flowers was created by her and a story about it can be found on our group blog at YOUR SCRAPBOOK PLACE.

We are having a blog hop on April 1 and 2 - tune into my blog on March 16 for the scoop!

Pammie's Blog is located HERE!  Check out her blog background, she created that herself as well to go along with March!  Leave her a comment.  Enjoy Spring!

Monday, March 12, 2012

HoHum - SFC1012 Challenge

This little cutie went together super fast.  The challenge this week is to use 3 things (and you must use all 3)........a flower, a clip, and printed paper.  I covered all bases.  This little gal was colored in copics and looks a lot like my soon to be 10 yo great granddaughter!  

Come join us in this challenge.  Grab a wonderful digi from Squigglefly and pull some papers and clips and flowers from your stash.  You know you have it - let's use it!
 * * *
Meanwhile, just a sweet note to all my friends.  Don't give up on me for a few days.  Today I am undergoing a trabeculectomy of one of my eyes.  In 6 weeks the other eye will have the same surgery.  Meanwhile, my computer time will be limited for the better health of my eyes.  I'm sure you understand.

There are excellent you tube videos of a 'bleb' being performed if you'd like to be with me in spirit today.  Just google "trabeculectomy on you tube". My reason for undergoing this is that I do have glaucoma in my eyes (thank you Grandma) and it's out of control.  I've tried all the meds, my doctor has done an MLT in both my eyes, hoping to relieve pressure, but the pressures keep climbing and I'm aware now of what vision I've lost.  The fact that I am allergic to a few class act drugs has made the pathway a bit more awkward for me, but my doctor decided he had tried everything he could and wanted to do this surgery.

Sign up on my email list and you'll know when I come back.  Meanwhile, take care of those eyes - see an ophthalmologist once a year.  And please do not rely on the puff of air test for checking for have your eyes dilated and let an ophthalmologist check them for you with a blue light instrument.

Meanwhile, much love!  And my blog is scheduled ahead so stop back frequently to see what I was up to!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


My husband's birthday was March 9th and he was treated to a whole day of spoiling by me! I needed to cause you know how it is somedays you just are passing ships in the nite. Well we needed to slow down before life sped up again! So out to breakfast we went right away. Amongst other specialties all day including flowers!  Here's a card I presented him along with a huge bag of Triple Stuff Oreos and his favorite candy bar, Fast Break! You may be wondering why Oreos?  Well I make my own chocolate chip cooky recipes - a treasure in his estimation but I know he also loves a big surprise when he opened his package!
 CARD CLOSED (front view)

This card is a 6x6 Gate card.  I merely scored 3" on each side of a 6x12 and went from there, using up my stash again.  My resolution for this year is to use it up or give it away before I can buy anymore!

The sentiment from Squigglefly (Birthday Medley) is by Jess Holland and is very inexpensive and has been used so many times by me it's invaluable.  You can even change the color of the wording for your own purposes.  The inch worm is pop dotted, the toadstools (fungi) are a rak from a friend and the ladybugs
CARD OPENING - Birthday Medley is attached to right gate.


Happy Birthday to a Fun-Gi (fun guy)!  Get it???

Keep your imagination going - come up with some great ideas of your own.  Enjoy life and surprise someone with a card this week!

Friday, March 9, 2012


by Image Artist Lynne Stansbery

I've done several cards now using this 'vintage building'.  :) Thought I'd throw one more in with my own computer generated question.  I'll use it for a general all occasion card, cheering up someone or giving them a giggle for the day.

What do I love most about Squigglefly's digis?  There's something for everyone at an ultra reasonable price!  If ever in question where to start, just check out a DT member's blog and get some ideas.

Check out Squigglefly's challenge, grab a freebie and fix it up and enter it into the latest contest!
Have a great 2 holer day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wobble On says Rhonda's Rowdy Rascals! SFC0912

For Squigglefly's next challenge - SFC0912 - Rhonda's Rowdy Rascals have this recipe for us to meet:

Lets make them wobble--use action wobbles or create your own design to make a card that has an item that wobbles!

So wobbly I did.  I printed the Perfect Apple Slice digi 4 times.  The full digi on the upper doily of the 6x6 card is double mounted with an action wobble underneath the top apple.  And it really wobbles like fun!  I used a wobble from AVI which had double stick on both sides making it easy to mount the apple.

Then I thought perhaps I'd show one core and one apple just being eaten...which are pop dotted for dimension.  In fact, I have a country checkerboard that I made several years ago which hangs on the kitchen wall for that lazy time of the nite and a fast game of checkers.  Along the bottom I had painted these 3 apples - full/core/1/2 eaten.  It was a trip in nostalgia.

And I colored the apples in a rose set of copics to look like the Pink Lady apples, which I dearly love!

There's a proverb that everyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God knows the number of apples in the seeds!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers! SFC0812

 Holley's Hobbyists' SQUIGGLEFLY CHALLENGE SFC0812

For this spring card I chose to use 2 Squigglefly images which are readily available in the STORE right now.
Just click on the image and it will take you to the sale page.

The card is a 6x6 and btw I use 6x6 CTMH white cardstock for great strength in these lage cards.  I combined 2 beautiful papers - the yellow is actually embossed in glitter and the floral/heart piece is one I've used before on this blog and love it to pieces.  I put vellum over that section to mute it a little bit as I wanted the glittered wings of the dragonfly to really stand out.   The lotus was colored with copics and I used a nestie to double mat everything.  I fussy cut the dragonfly and pop dotted it away from the page but attached 3 of its legs to the page, to give it better stability.

Basically, this is a good representation of spring in our section of Wisconsin.  The Mississippi River opens up and the sand bars warm so we can enjoy a picnic while watching the dragonflies hatch.  Did you know that the favorite food of a dragonfly or damselfly is mosquitoes?!! 

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Teddy Bear Picnic!

TEDDY BEAR PICNIC by Image Artist Linda Birkinshaw

I just love teddy bears - I believe my girls still have their last teddy bear from childhood.  So when I received this image I just knew what I was going to do with it.  We have a wonderful granddaughter turning 14 this year, unbelievable!, and I know she's going to fall in love with this little bear family.

The image is by Linda Birkinshaw who just puts her heart into her images.  I just love working with them. Doesn't that cake look delicious!  I do love strawberry frosting.....strawberries on anything!!!

All coloring is copics on this 6x6 card.  The ribbons are felt and a beautiful loopy crochet ribbon piled on top.  A few embellishments and the party is on!!!

Anytime you are looking for a great digi at an even better price, check out the Squigglefly shop.  You will not regret it!