Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pug Gift - SFC0512 Birthday Greetings

Pug Gift - artist Eszter Csokas
Squigglefly Shop - Blog Challenge SFC0512
My take on printing the pugs in reverse gave me an opportunity to do a landscape and a portrait card.  Some gold leafing, die cutting and distress ink rubs brought my cards together.  I loved coloring my pugs - my landlord had one many years ago and he was smart as a whip!  This little pup is about to enjoy his birthday gift............and one of my grandchildren (1 boy and 1 girl) will enjoy their own special card, don't you think?

Today I have a lot of trouble seeing without seeing double, am still waiting for my eyeballs to return to normal.  My ophthalmologist had given me a prescription with sulfa in it which I was allergic to and by the way everyone stared at me when I walked in to his office, I looked like a real goon.  Now we wait for the swelling to go down.  Stuff only happens to me, I feel!  Have a great weekend!

Keep your eyes open here for work by Linda Birkinshaw and Matthew Finger!  Awesome artists!


  1. Linda these turned out so great! I love the flooring you did in the second card and all of the gold. Your first one is pure fun! Great coloring on the pug! Hope your eyes get better soon!

  2. I have to buy that image! My cousin has a pug and her b-day is coming up and would love a card with a pug on it!!!!!! Thanks for inspiring me!


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