Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Huggable Nikko

I had been looking for some time now for a good digi of a Teddy Bear pooch! I really thought I had searched everywhere until I found a link.   Alas, I found one at Ink Lined.

The digi left plenty of room to swing any color or shade any direction one would wish.  Total fun.

One of my girl friends has a Shih Tzu who is very light colored, and I thought I'd surprise her with a few digis of Riley.  So with Nikko being my companion (or alas my hubbie's companion) and Riley also being a shih tzu, I found a reason and enjoyed purchasing a digi from across the pond.  I'll be making up some note cards and various thank you cards with my pooch's face on the front!


  1. Too cute! Can't go wrong with an adorable pooch!

  2. Love your card. You know me, I'm a push over for anything with a doggie!


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