Sunday, February 19, 2012


On Valentine's morning my 14 yo Himmie woke me up meowing at 5:30.  I had no idea what his problem was but we rocked and he went back to sleep.  He's a rescue babe that has totally adopted ME!  I love that cat as much as my other 2.  But when I walked out into the family room at 5:30 the pics above are what I found hanging from the ceiling and above the puzzle table we are working on - 1000 pieces no less!

My hubbie had made them all in his shop and then gotten up secretively at 2:30 and hung them all!  Apparently Lord Chumley expected to be fed if anyone was wandering around at 2:30.  And finding that it just didn't happen, "well I'll go to Mom and she'll make it happen!"

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day this year.  I  walked slowly thru the day with a migraine type headache (a reaction to another med I was on.) and just enjoyed my hubbie's attention and company!

Life is good!


  1. oh, how sweet is that? Looks like you've got yourself a keeper!

  2. Oh, Linda, what a wonderful and awesome surprise by your sweet DH! How romantic!


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