Friday, January 6, 2012


 I never make just one of anything - it's an OCD thing for sure!  So had printed 3 Lava Lamps from the My Punny Valentine Set 2 by Lynne Stansbery (upcoming new release from Squigglefly!) and used 2 on the 1/5/12 post.  And in keeping with "going green" with my friends at Scrapbook Place, I cut the cord off my bag of $6.99 navel oranges from Florida and used it for a lovely bow!  The lovely netting is from stash - and the faux letter buttons were in an 8x8 paper kit.  So putting them altogether, I have a card for my great granddaughter!
So many of you have been asking about my newcomer, Sir Lord Chumley (we put the Sir Lord on his name) and I'm happy to say he's getting fatter and just a lovely gentleman.  He never does anything wrong.  I think the girls are jealous.  Well anyway the 3 of them never rest within 6 ft. of each other - it must be an unwritten rule.  But yesterday I caught them all napping near each other.  And you can see out the window how much snow we have in the yard - NONE!  Would you believe it was 53 degrees - a record for the area!  Unreal because 2 days ago we woke up to only 10 degree weather!


  1. Very cute, and great way to re-use! I really like how you did the sentiment on the side in the little round circles!

  2. Lovely card my friend. That lava lamp really caught my eye. Those kitties enjoying the nice day through the window are precious.
    TGIF!! Stacy

  3. Love the background! Groovy!

  4. Linda,
    I had a lava lamp as a teenager - awesome memories from your adorable card! Your cats are absolutely gorgeous - I have 2 sweet cats!


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