Wednesday, January 11, 2012


EUGENE is a wonderful digi from Squigglefly,.  Eugene's artist is Sandy Sommerfield and click on her name to go to her fun blog! 

Couple Eugene with this football crazy family of mine, and we've decided Eugene is going to the big Packer game this Sunday, against the New York Giants!  Well, we all know how it will turn out.  We're just banking on the fact that the New Orleans Saints will come out of their match up with San Francisco as winners and those wonderful Packers will fight off the Saints for a shot at the Super Bowl!  My best friend in Louisiana has exactly the opposite hopes - but we know it's all in fun!

Eugene is on a 5x6 folded card, and inside will be a fun letter to my brother who is in the hospital right now awaiting open heart surgery.  He is a true fan of a FORMER Packer and we always have a laugh during every game.  Laughing won't be easy on Sunday for him, so he'll get his card early!

Thanks to a wonderful friend, Rhonda, who surprised me with a rak of goodies, a few items on this card came out of that rak, making it easy to put together!

So leave me a comment with your guess as to winner and score along with a way to get hold of you.  We will hold a random no. generator drawing after the game for a Studio G stamp set!


  1. How fun Linda! I will keep your brother in my thoughts. I hope he has a speedy recovery from this surgery. He's sure to love the card!

  2. Eugene is so very cute - your card is adorable.

  3. OMGosh! Eugene is awesome! Thanks for using him!

    Please pop me an email if I can add him to my blog gallery!


  4. Another cute card using this image!

  5. Eugene looks great as a Packers' fan. Really versatile image.

  6. Eugene is awesome Linda and I know your brother will love him.. prayers to your brother for a healthy recovery.. hugs donna

  7. EEEKKK!!! LINDA---you have made me smile tonight---thank you! this amazing card just is so cute-I love how you have made his tie---too fun!!!

  8. Very cute card, and prayers for your brother, Linda!


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