Monday, January 30, 2012

SFC0412 Get the Red Out!

THERE ARE 2 CARDS IN THIS POST - be sure to scroll down and I'd love to hear your cmments - negative and positive.  Thx for visiting.

The theme for this week's challenge at Squigglefly is RED, show me the Red. Or show me all the REDs....this could be perfect for those valentines that are getting worked on or if you want to go in a different direction and have a funny bend, we all know what people who are seeing RED means. I have seen some adorable stamps for people who need to blow off their steam, lol!

(THERE ARE 2 CARDS ON THIS POST - Be certain to scroll downward)

But I did not go that way entirely.  I did make up 2 cards - one for a birthday sdhown above and one for a valentine, shown below.  I went the traditional red card and everything is in red on the birthday image. The designer of this image, Betsy LePlatt, has appropriately called it SWIRLY BIRTHDAY BALLOONS!

I've used red everywhere - except the gold outline for emphasis and drama and the silver icicle Stickles that outline the swirly balloons.  Those balloons remind me of the balloons the clowns used to give us when we went to the circus.  They would create animals out of those long balloons and give them away.  These make a lovely bouquet!

The gold in the red ribbon and the gold in the card kind of play off one another, don't you think?  A bit of red distressing around the edges of the card - a very easy Birthday card for someone nearest Valentine's Day.  Or simply make the card up without the birthday greeting and have a great valentine! 

 The following image is from Squigglefly also.  I hope you like it.  I hope even more my friend likes it.
Image is by Lynn Stansbery and is called: 
BTW, have you noticed the great tutorial we now have  for using digi images?  You'll find it at the top of the following page:

"NEW! Sizing Digital Images in Serif PagePlus Learn how to resize and place digital images using PagePlus, a free software program. Tutorial by Charlene Mitchell. "


Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just have to share my cutesy card I got in the mail on Friday from my youngest daughter!  She's very artsy and her scrapbook albums are to 'drool' over!  She surprised me with this card, and now it's my turn!  Thank you so much Sweetheart!  My life would not be as sweet without you!


Saturday, January 28, 2012


Image is by Lynn Stansbery and is called:

There is plenty of time left to make more valentines.  This one is going to a very dear friend whom I've known for years along with some lace she needed.  It's a 6x6 and will be a large enuf envie to hold goodies as well.

I put some stickles on the sticky looking glue - just to emphasize it!  Coloring is copics, and layering is from stash.  Zva crystal fluorishes are my very best favorites.

Come join us at the Squigglefly challenge.  Get your image package at and then go to the BLOG and enter your creation!  And best of luck.  The contest for this week closes Sunday evening; altho this card would be perfect in the SHOW ME RED challenge.

Friday, January 27, 2012


TO A GREAT DAY - Image by Lynne Stansbery 

Do you especially enjoy that one person's encouragement in the morning?  TO A GREAT DAY - an image for Squigglefly by Lynne Stansbery just says it all.  The card is a 6x6 and a few layers of fun stash papers brought it together easily for me.  I did however have to review the instrux for making bows with my bow maker!  :)

Have yourself a special cup of tea or coffee or cocoa with a friend; wish them a Great Day. 

 And don't forget to check out the PDF tutorial on how to work with digis.  There are many free images available at Squigglefly and you can get in our challenge ending this Sunday evening.  Check out the challenge requirements (they are simple as 1, 2 and 3 this time!) - click here!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tidy One Holer!

If you were born prior to the 50's, you certainly remember these!  And if you were one of the pranksters of that era on Halloween nites, you were one of the chosen few to have to re-erect one!  What is it?  Ask your Grandfather!  All kidding aside, this One Holer is very tidily kept - even some lovely sunflowers planted around it with a lovely picket fence!  Now that is aristocracy for all who used it!    I chose to use a 6x6 card so I could do some ribbon gathering around 2 sides.  A few beads add some fun.  Instead of reading old catalogs and newspapers, how about our Notebook with Facebook?  (tongue in cheek there)

This image is being launched this weekend at Squigglefly by one of my favorite artists, Lynne Stansbery!  You'll have to grab one and try it out.........errrrrrrrr, the image I mean!

BTW, have you noticed the great tutorial we now have  for using digi images?  You'll find it at the top of the following page:

It's easy to do - I use it all of the time, and I was one of those few who were digi challenged!  Not any more!  Try it and let me know your thoughts about it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

How about a Recipe with "Hay"?


The Challenges at Squigglefly are always so much fun!  This is one of the reasons I enjoy being on the Design Team with them.  Helps lift my day for sure.

Rhonda came up with a beauty of a challenge this week.  Here is Rhonda's required recipe:
1. use ribbon or twine
2. glitter (something sparkly)
3. a brad somewhere on the card

Daisy and Daphne are some of our new releases from last week by Fawn Palmer, a new artist with us. Daisy apparently is a Holstein or Ayrshire depending on your colors and Daphne could be a black Angus, brown Swiss or any solid colored breed.  I paired Daisy with a stamp I've kept for years of an old barn in the background.  I used a 6x6 to get ample space and pop dots to bring Daisy to the foreground!  I accidentally printed Hay! a bit large so I just cut and embossed it on one of the new cuttlebug folders that do this.  Coloring is of course with copics and distressing by liquid chalks. 

The twine is wound around the top of the card; the brad is in Daisy's ear (ala Diamond Stud!) and the glitter is on the brad (in the ear).  And please do remember that cows do have tags in their ears, and Daisy is UDDERLY REMARKABLE with her stud! PUN INTENDED! ;)

 Here is another take on the recipe............A 4.25X5.5 card mounted on a wonderful boy text dp.  I've outlined in gold pen for more drama and off set the swirly balloons from the die beneath it for emphasis.  The bling (required) is in the upper right corner (butterfly), the brads (required) are the center of the swirly balloons, and the required twine is blue and going vertical on the left.  This is a wonderful new image by our new artist, Betsy LePlatt, and it's called appropriately SWIRLY BIRTHDAY BALLOONS!

I chose to go a different route and rather than color the image, I printed the digi image in a royal blue so I could get a type of monochrome effect.  I also did this for 4 other colors and acquired myself 12 new birthday cards very quickly.  With the wishes on the front of the card, I can place a gift card inside with a sweet message from me.

Have an udderly fantastic day - go to Squigglefly's freebies or check out all the new artists' work, become a loyal follower and grab a great image.  Maybe even color up a cow!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Midwest Scenery - After the last storm

10 inches on top of what we had!  But it sure is beautiful.  Just a short post today to bring some snow to my southern friends!

 Our path thru the woods - we walk everyday!

Nikko loves to bury his ball in the snow and then go dig it up again, only to repeat the performance!  Now we wait for the next storm and count the days/months to spring!

Friday, January 20, 2012


COFFEE DUCK by Monica Estill was released on Jan. 14 by Squigglefly. Coffee Duck is actually one duck, but since he's part of our wonderful digi world, you can make as many as you wish walk across your card. So my 3 ducks are in line for what else?
 I've made another tri-fold card but have put a particularly fun twist on the card.  First of all, my card is horizontally themed so the tri fold goes the same direction.  I again used my nestie to have an identical tag for a sweet letter to a friend underneath the duck frame.
 Did you notice the lace on the interior fold?  My friend Pammie rakked me with a bunch of paper lace one day and it's just the cat's meow to work with!  I had thought about crocheting my own, but figured I could just as well use the paper lace and perhaps put another little image on it before finishing it off.
I am tying buttons now in my spare time!  I like a tied button better than an untied button it seems, and alas, these 4 buttons allow me to place my card in the Squigglefly Blog Challenge SFC0212 this week.

What?  You haven't entered yet - yikes!  Grab a freebie and make a quick card, you can be our next winner!!!!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!  QUACK!  QUACK! QUICK!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Friends.........

Friends are precious in all Ms. Spring Mouse says.  Spring Mouse was created by Betsy LePlatt and this image is being released on Jan. 21st at our favorite Squigglefly store.  Of course she comes in a left and right image and you create the size.  She's a blast to color, I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed working on a mouse not in a trap for once!

 Ms. Mouse is on a tri-fold or gate card, easily done with just your ruler, personal cutter and bone folder, and of course some fun paper!
 Ms Mouse is outlined with a gold pen and a bit of distress ink in Old Paper was brought in around the edges while I still had her in my Nestie.  I love Old Paper for distressing - it's very real looking afterwards, not horrendous!
My interior message says:  "Friendship lightens every burden and makes the sun shine brighter."  Hope you like Ms Spring Mouse - grab an image and come on over to the Squigglefly blog and get in the challenge with us!

Monday, January 16, 2012

With a great blast............

Happy Chillin' Winter Days again!  Winter hit us in SW Wisconsin very strong last week.  We are sitting here with temps barely above zero and 7 inches of snow on the ground.  What a great time to craft!

This week the challenge at Squigglefly will just make you CHECK YOUR BUTTONS!  IT'S ALL ABOUT BUTTONS!  Instructions from the group's blog are as follows:
This card can include anything winter themed image that needs a coat OR go the totally in the other direction and include any fun card that uses buttons on it or button type embellishments such as button brads, button stamps, button images, button printed ribbon,...) 


I chose the fun mittens from the Punny Valentine Set #2 by Lynne Stansbery!  The Lava Lamp is in that kit with multiple text sentiments in various lovely styles, the matchbooks - and every image has a left/right choice as well.   Come on over to Squigglefly to check it all out.  Then come on over and join in Holley's Hobbyist's challenge on the Squigglefly Blog to all of us!

And while you are there check out the newest release of items on the 13th - there are literally hundreds of new digis!  Maybe even tons!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the new releases are as follows:

All You Can Eat - artist Lynne Stansbery 
Coffee duck - artist Monica Estill 
Daisy & Daphne - NEW ARTIST Fawn Palmer
Especially, Valentine, Sunshine, Happy Valentine

Create with Buttons this week!

Friday, January 13, 2012


General note about me here:  I love to sit and color while watching tv.  Sounds silly huh?  Well at that time I can do myriads of images I have printed and later put them all together very easily.  Like the above Snuggle Buddies which you can find at Squigglefly!  Aren't they the cutest little sweethearts.  Beagles and basset hounds are known for their loving ways and kittens will take any advantage they may have when it means warmth!

I pulled my "clam" off the shelf that is labelled Valentines and Hearts and found all those little embellies in there.  The corners are the most beautiful self adhesive photo corners - just gorgeous!  So there's a quick little organizational hint for you - reuse those stamp set clams!

And it is very close to Valentine's Day, isn't it!  Wow, just got done with putting away the Christmas items - still have a few snowmen donning the shelves tho!  Well this 5x5 card will be given to my hubbie - along with some chocolates!  He could use socks, but you know how it goes; if you don't want to receive a blender for Christmas, don't buy him socks for Valentine's Day!!!

The text is from a new release at Squigglefly called: MY EVERYTHING by Jess Holland.   There are so many cool loving sentiments in this release, you have to allow yourself a few!  Click on the link and let me know what you created!  I'd love to hear!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


UPDATE:  Eugene is selling his tickets!  Boo hoo!!

In keeping with Eugene's Trip to Lambeau Field and then onward to the final game and then the Super Bowl, we're getting his clothing and suitcases packed!  Ahhhh you know I'm funnin' you!  Well anyway when I color images I generally do more than one image at a time - and this image was left over from the intro of Eugene to you all from Squigglefly and Sandy S.  Only he's in reverse.  This is one of those awesome things about digis, they can be reversed so easily, can't do that with a rubber stamp!

My girlfriend needs a grab  bag of rub ons and twine for her scrapping Senior Center class, so I thought I'd send this card along with her package, as I know she's also working on vacations and road trip albums, and maybe Eugene will come in handy for her!

All coloring done with copics - faded lipstick red (distress ink) was used to distress the exterior of Eugene's plate and various pp from my stash brought it all together into a folded 6x6 card - ready for mailing!

Enjoy your day - do something special for someone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


EUGENE is a wonderful digi from Squigglefly,.  Eugene's artist is Sandy Sommerfield and click on her name to go to her fun blog! 

Couple Eugene with this football crazy family of mine, and we've decided Eugene is going to the big Packer game this Sunday, against the New York Giants!  Well, we all know how it will turn out.  We're just banking on the fact that the New Orleans Saints will come out of their match up with San Francisco as winners and those wonderful Packers will fight off the Saints for a shot at the Super Bowl!  My best friend in Louisiana has exactly the opposite hopes - but we know it's all in fun!

Eugene is on a 5x6 folded card, and inside will be a fun letter to my brother who is in the hospital right now awaiting open heart surgery.  He is a true fan of a FORMER Packer and we always have a laugh during every game.  Laughing won't be easy on Sunday for him, so he'll get his card early!

Thanks to a wonderful friend, Rhonda, who surprised me with a rak of goodies, a few items on this card came out of that rak, making it easy to put together!

So leave me a comment with your guess as to winner and score along with a way to get hold of you.  We will hold a random no. generator drawing after the game for a Studio G stamp set!

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a New Release from Squigglefly!

I received so many beautiful gifts for Christmas from friends - total surprise gifts usually by mail!  And just in time to help me say thank you to all my friends, Squigglefly is releasing a new image - one of several - named EUGENE!  Eugene's artist is Sandy Sommerfield.

What a treasure of a penguin fellow too - sucking on a wheat straw!  I wanted to put a real wheat straw in his beak but it would break up in mailing, I fear.  I do have some tho in a lovely dried bouquet on my desk!

I used my copics as usual on Eugene - did a triple matting of various papers on hand - put a piece of dark red magic mesh running across the center topped with a golden punched piece of cs.  The sentiment is computer oriented - so  you could use any text with Eugene and literally color him myriads of colors.  I was thinking of the Green Bay Packers green/gold after last week's win!!!  WOO HOO!  GO PACK!

So hop on over to Squigglefly and check out ALL OF the new releases.  They are all on the front page and just waiting for you to snag one and take it home with you to your computer!  If you are a bit apprehensive about using digis there is a tutorial there for you as well!  It doesn't get any better, right?  In fact, did you know that you can print a digi facing right or left - depending on your crafting need?

And come on back tomorrow and check out another image!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watermelon Fun!

This fun little creature is one of the darling Squigglefly Shy Bears all drawn by Lynne Stansbery!  I love to color them and make cards out of them.  This one is going to my daughter - watermelon decor is top on her list.  Hope he finds a spot in the middle of her bulletin board!

Hop on over to Squigglefly's shop and blog and check out what's happening!  Prepare for a great challenge on Monday!

Friday, January 6, 2012


 I never make just one of anything - it's an OCD thing for sure!  So had printed 3 Lava Lamps from the My Punny Valentine Set 2 by Lynne Stansbery (upcoming new release from Squigglefly!) and used 2 on the 1/5/12 post.  And in keeping with "going green" with my friends at Scrapbook Place, I cut the cord off my bag of $6.99 navel oranges from Florida and used it for a lovely bow!  The lovely netting is from stash - and the faux letter buttons were in an 8x8 paper kit.  So putting them altogether, I have a card for my great granddaughter!
So many of you have been asking about my newcomer, Sir Lord Chumley (we put the Sir Lord on his name) and I'm happy to say he's getting fatter and just a lovely gentleman.  He never does anything wrong.  I think the girls are jealous.  Well anyway the 3 of them never rest within 6 ft. of each other - it must be an unwritten rule.  But yesterday I caught them all napping near each other.  And you can see out the window how much snow we have in the yard - NONE!  Would you believe it was 53 degrees - a record for the area!  Unreal because 2 days ago we woke up to only 10 degree weather!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hmmmmmmmmm.............tune into Squigglefly on Saturday, Jan. 7!  Grab your lava lamp plus many other goodies in the My Punny Valentine Set 2 by Lynne Stansbery!    My great granddaughter requested a lava lamp from Santa this year and got it!  What was old is new again, I guess.

I chose a 6x6 background of a chalkboard from my stash - have no idea where it came from anymore.  I popdotted the lava lamp (printing and coloring twice) for a nice effect.  I also double matted the 6x6 image and added the punny "I lava you a lot" which comes with the set.

This totally reminds me of my own school days as well as my children's school days.  We all made Valentine's boxes to hold the many valentines we expected, and when we opened our box we searched for that one expected very special valentine!  Do you remember?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Peek at a Wedding.........

Who doesn't love a wedding?  Who doesn't love creating albums and cards and thank you notes for weddings?  I love it all - we have a wedding coming up in October and the dresses are already being reviewed.  The bride has her gown selected.  Mom is working on the all continues with all the love we can pour into it.

The stars and gems in the background remind me of last nite's meteor shower.  It was exceptional as the meteors flew across the sky.  Even our dog was watching wondering what they were!  Hope you had a chance.

 This image is called WEDDING NIGHT - by our NEW ARTIST Monica Estill and will be debuting this weekend at Squigglefly!  I've chosen to keep the colors light.  At the last minute I chose to spray with Frozen Lake Glimmer Mist to accent all the beautiful pastel aquas in the paper and the copic coloring of the umbrella!  I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!  Come visit Squigglefly soon as you can!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just a Note.........

Come on over to Scrapbook Place - we are tearing things!  This note card was created by tearing paper and also an occasional snip with my faux tear scissors.  I tore up some vellum to put under my image solid paper (also torn) and added some lovely purchased flowers from my stash.  I l,ove my tearing ruler and it helped me pull it all together!  All coloring is by my copics of course!

The image is NOTE 4 U by Nate Owens and is available at Squigglefly!  Come on over to our scrapbook/card making group and join in - you do not have to be a member of our group!

Just let them know Linda sent you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a Surprise!

A 2nd take on I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.....

GUESS WHAT - a sample of things to come with Squigglefly!  Shhhhhh - it's a secret. 
Just come back tomorrow and see what else may be happening.

The above image is "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY" and the artist is:  Eszter Csokas (see the lovely doxie dreaming about flying??) and the text is "LONG ON LOVE".  The image is not available until Saturday Jan. 7 - so hang in there, you can grab yourself the image with the doxie running in both directions!  He may even be confused who knows - who says they can fly!

All coloring of my 6x6 card is copic coloring by me, the distressing is Tim Holtz distress inks.  The paper is CTMH 6x6 from my stash.  I punch my own fluorishes with a Sizzix die, add pearls, pop dot for effectiveness and I just plain have fun!

Here's a wonderful surprise for you from Squigglefly!  There is a rewards program that Squigglefly has.  It's free to join.  Once you join, it keeps tracks of the money you spend.  For every $15.00 you spend in the store you earn a free image.  The free image can be redeemed at any time!  You can let them build up and use the credits all at once if you want.  Plus, if you are just finding out about the rewards program in the middle of the month and you've already purchased several dollars worth of images - if you sign up for the rewards program it will credit you for the images you purchased during that month!  Isn't that cool?  TOO COOL!  What a wonderful company!

See you tomorrow?????

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year Bloometh!

So today begins the challenge our group has given itself of tracking our progress thruout the year with our crafts - whatever we enjoy doing.  Here are my 1st 2 cards for 2012 - 2 of the 4 I printed from the freebie I found online at Tiffany Doodles.

I am just finishing them up to send out as belated Christmas cards - with the typical Christmas letter of which explains my slowness this year!  What could happen did happen in 2011 - so I am so happy to be part of 2012, I can bloom with enthusiasm.  Here are my last 2 New Year's cards.

Last year my friend Lisa sent me this heavenly Timeless 6x6 pad of paper.  I've so enjoyed using it that I'm very partial to using it - kwim?  Just don't want it to end.  I did some fussy cutting of the timepieces.  My owl and crown were in my stash from the past year and just fit perfectly to these 6x6 cards.  I enjoyed distressing the white backgrounds of the printed image (TIFFANY DOODLE) with OLD PAPER TH distress inks.There is also beautiful gold cord peeking out behind the images and I'm sure you see even more fun!  I hope you had a great New Year's Eve!