Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh I am having so much fun with the House On a Hill digi set from Squigglefly.  Previously I used their autumn house for a birthday card.  Today I'm using the wintry scene on their new challenge.  Can you see all the icicle Stickles I used for the snowflakes and the snow piling up on the rooftop.  I felt that simple cooler wintry colors done with my copics would bring out the chill in our bones!  I used a Chatterbox stash for the wintry pics I'm making today.

Will Santa's sleigh be able to sit on that roof while he does his yearly tour?  I sure hope so.

I am making up several boxes of all occasion cards just using the 5 House Digis!  How awesome to receive huh?

The digi is located here, please go take a look and grab the whole set for yourself for one small price!  And then come join us and perhaps win yourself another great set of digis!  Instructions are here!

SFC126 - Winter Wonderland!
Winter weather is coming, at least in some parts of North America. Let's see a card with a winter scene. Snow? Ice? Winter sporting events?
Be us something that makes us shiver!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Etch My Sketch! SFC125

I'm an avid follower of SQUIGGLEFLY BLOG, their challenges are great! 

Here's this week's challenge (per the team):
Use the sketch below as the basis of your project. Feel free to flip or rotate the sketch, just make sure we can tell you used our sketch ;) Also if you prefer to make the background strips all the same or all different, it is ok with us ;)

And here's my answer to the sketch! 

 I chose a Squigglefly Digi Image - SNUGGLEBUDDIES - to pop dot off the centerpiece.  Copics did my coloring but OOPS I forgot the kitten's eyes, so just overlook that boo boo for now.  Will fix before I send it onward.  I am also doing a number of these cards for our local NO KILL PET SHELTER to sell for funds to help them out.

Hope you are having a great holiday season!  I love the days leading up to Christmas as much as being in the actual date!  Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 On November 15, Sir Lord Chumley graced us with his presence.  Chum is a chocolate point Himalayan, who is absolutely gorgeous and deserving of his royal name.  Chum came to us from the Safe Haven Pet Rescue where he had spent about 1 month until his forever home found him.

 His former owner had passed on with no relatives able to take him in.  He's HUGE, has beautiful big brown eyes and eats a LOT!  So I do believe he will get an "A+" at his next checkup!  Better than bony, huh?
 One can tell the difference in color between Her Highness TinkerBelle and Chum - Belle is more traditionally a seal point or even tending towards a blue point Himalayan.  Yes, I need to make up my mind.  Her colors are indeed blue against Chum's Chocolate.  And of course she has true blue eyes!
 I began putting up Christmas decor as my pre-Thanksgiving tradition.  With the 4 great grandkids and other family members coming on Thursday, I really went into the Holiday Mood!  It's been a good feeling being able to be here this year - after my very 'close call' in June.
As you can see, Belle is gracing her presence on the Nativity Set !  Would you believe every year she does!
And our house is always full of noise and activity.  Above Nikko runs away with his master's sock!  He loves to be chased as much as he loves to chase!  And to steal anything of Verdon's is automatically hilarious!

I am very thankful this year for all my friends.......and mainly for the grace the Lord has given to me this year to continue in his Presence.  We all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with friends and relatives and remember to be thankful that we are still a free world too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


SQUIGGLEFLY CHALLENGE #124 is such an awesome easy challenge for all of us. You have to have a birthday card from time to time and you surely don't want to run to the store and pick up one of those yucky premade 1 of 9000 that all look alike - cheap and unimaginative! So come on over to Squigglefly Challenge Blogspot and join us in this challenge!
You see here the outside and inside of a 6x6 card totally put together quick and easy using items from my birthday tote and my colored image of the digi from Squigglefly called House on a Hill.  You actually get 5 different house images - it's really fun to use.

Get ready for the next birthday in your circle and come on over to Squigglefly!  :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Here are two of the very best reasons in the world to visit your local shelter and pet rescue places when seeking out a companion.  Meet Lawrence.  He's only 2 years old and a beautiful JTown Tabby Persian!  Weighing in at only (ONLY!) 12 pounds, he's a big hunk of love, making a mad dash for his owner's lap soon as she sits down!
Now if that isn't enuf for one to smile about - the rescue of a beautiful animal who needed a home - then check out Louie.  Louie is an absolutely gorgeous 5 year old 7 lb. Lynx Point Himalayan.  What a beautiful little babe, huh?  Louie and Lawrence luckily were fostered together and are everlasting companions, very lucky to have been taken home by the same owner.

Louie makes a mad dash for the lap too but has to yield to curling up next to the lap til Lawrence chooses to jump down.  Ain't no way of squeezing in there!

How do I know all this?  The lucky OWNER is my daughter Shelly!  After the passing of Roscoe, her beautiful red Persian, she appropriately took time off.  I know I was one who told her she needed a cat again; but never dreamed there would be 2 special fur balls waiting for her somewhere.

They have indeed taken over and blended with Roscoe's spirit.  Great choice sweetie!

There is a special place on the net for cat lovers of all breeds to peruse weekly.  If you have time, come on over to Kenosha Purebred Cat Rescue!  (click!)  And yes, there are mixed breeds as well, just as beautiful as their purebred cousins. 


I'm hosting a giveaway for Jinky over at Jinky's Crafts. She designs some really great 3D craft projects such as gift boxes, cards, exploding cards/invites, and so much more. 

She has made this great Twelve Days of Christmas Tutorial E-Book (includes everything you see in the pic above). I have last year's edition and there are so many great things to make! I'm excited to get this 2nd edition also!

What better way to package all your gifts than in boxes you made yourself!

Here's what you can win:

First Prize :  FREE  12 Days of Christmas E-Book (2nd Edition)
2nd Prize: FREE  12 Days of Christmas E-Book (Revised 1st Edition)
3rd Prize: FREE 6  Tutorials  from the 12 Days of Christmas (your choice)

What do you have to do to win?

1. Be a follower of Jinky's Crafts Blog  and..

2. Post on your blog or put on your blog sidebar a picture of one of the Jinky's Crafts giveaway on your blog or facebook page and link it back to Jinky'sCrafts 12 Days of Christmas E-Book.  and...

3. Leave a Facebook comment on the Jinky'sCrafts 12 Days of Christmas E-Book page . Just tell what is your favorite project among the 12 projects. 
**Make sure you scroll all the way down to find the facebook comments at the bottom of the page**

Once you have done this, simply leave one comment with the link to your blog or facebook page below on her post - and on my own blog here below.
Jinky will pick the winners and announce them on November 15th. Make sure you come back to check!

Check out her page for the tutorial if you have any questions or want to see the projects.

Also, if you like giveaways, you might want to become a follower of my blog. I've been feeling very grateful during this month of Thanksgiving for all the readers I have. So... I might just be having my own giveaway for my followers coming up soon. Just sayin'  ; )

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Squigglefly's challenge for this week is an easy one; well they are always easy, but this one is more fun I think.  It goes like this:  Make a creation without using any patterned/ designer paper. 

I chose SHY BEAR CAROLLING BEAR from my growing digi collection.  I love Squigglefly's collection of digis.  And their delivery to your email box is so quick!  But Shy Bear has always been a winner for me, hope you enjoy him and maybe even bop on over to Squigglefly Store and get yourself a few sets!

I used copics for coloring, rub on stitches on the ribbon at the base and then I used a sheet of white cardstock to run thru my cuttlebug and then rub CTMH Parchment ink over the raised images.  I also found the red ribbon already tied in my stash from my scrapbook and card making group.

Now it's your turn.  Get your entry in by Sunday evening.  And remember the countdown to Christmas is on.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


WONDERFUL CHALLENGE OVER AT SQUIGGLEFLY!!! Create a project to tickle your fancy, or Marlene's fancy or Holly's fancy - just make them laugh.

I had colored up several Halloween type images and did not use a couple, so thought I'd throw everyone a curve with inviting the trick or treaters inside to create goodies for Christmas!  They are sure to be pleased!

The challenge ends tonite - so quickly, grab your copics and whip up a funny one, and post here:  SQUIGGLEFLY CHALLENGE BLOG!

Meanwhile, did you remember to FALL BACK this weekend???  :)