Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Feelin' Good!

In a series of 6 photos, I can finally show you TinkerBelle walking her catwalk upside down!

Preparation (feelin' frisky)
A quick run upside down the full length of her catwalk!
And she rights herself and determines whether to do it again or chase the dog!
Just thinkin'.............
Belle decided she'd just play with her mouse!

YES she really crawls around upside down on both of her catwalks, BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Belle sleeping on my printer
 My sweetheart, TinkerBelle, is a seal point himmie.  We all know that himmie's are prone to health issues if they aren't watched carefully.  Well this past summer while I was very ill, TinkerBelle's tooth health got 'funky' as my daughter says.  I totally knew there were no problems til several nites in a row she woke me up breathing thru her mouth and making strange gurgles.

Well everyone who is a feline lover knows cats do not breathe thru their mouth.  It causes huge bubbles of gas in their stomach and intestines and a lot of pain.  But there has to be a reason for them to start this unusual trauma to their system.

After a trip to a new vet (whom we love!) we found she has several teeth in serious stages of infection.  She went thru prednisone (shot) and clindamycyn (meds) and is much, much better.She began eating beautifully and put on almost a pound in 3 weeks!

So yesterday she had a return visit and altho her gums are looking better, those particular teeth have lost their enamel and are very painful for her.  They will need to be removed surgically.  We're praying it all goes well on Friday, Sept. 30.  Dr. Curtis is such a wonderful caring veterinary, it is awesome to watch her work around Belle.  Belle even held her mouth open for Dr. Curtis!  I'm hurt, she never lets me see further than her canines!  ROTFL!!!  She had her blood work and there seems to be a small heart arrhythmia along with some stress on the kidneys.  So we pray she will be fine.

We found Belle almost 8 years ago now - and we want to keep her in the family for at least another 8 years. 

Here she is on her catwalk up close to the ceiling.  Someday I'll have the camera ready when she walks upside down on this catwalk hanging like a monkey!  Truly! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Here in Wisconsin deep in the dark woods, odd creatures grow each fall.  Here is a relatively new one - being small in size.  Many are edible, but to be sure, we just DON'T!  They are called PUFFBALLS and you can read about them by clicking on that link.
 Last week we found 6 in our woods quite by accident, on our daily trek thru the area.  "A puffball is a member of any of several groups of fungus in the division Basidiomycota" as taken from Wikipedia.  This one is only about 10 inches across..
 As they get older and 'ferment', the color changes.  There is no opening and some grow on stalks; these don't.  In Tibet they have been used as a black ink by cooking etc.  You'll find more about that on the link above too..
 This one is almost fully mature - and is about 12 inches across in diameter. 
 My husband chose to open it up and the spores just puffed and blew all around.  Normally the Puffball gets very very dry and a crack will form in the skin before the 'puff' process happens.
And here is a great view of the soft interior.  Again, if it had matured even more, there wouldn't even be this much material to pick up.  Their entire life is bent on creating more spores.  And even tho they are huge, we may or may not see another next year.  One just never knows.  A true wonder of nature.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

I enjoyed getting back a little bit of the creativity I'd lost this summer thru various medical emergencies.  For a beginning back to my blog, I chose to create something flagging FALL to us.  This is actually my very first alcohol ink card - thank you Karen, my friend, for the gentle push by sending me your creation samples!

The card is 5.5x5.5 and I used various alcohol inks and the blending solution and feel that I blended it just enuf.  I then stamped the Crafter's Companion Stampset called SUNFLOWER by Sheena Douglas - using STAZON.  Everything dried in seconds.  The alcohol inks were first stamped on Stampin' Up Glossy Paper and then reattached to a Bazzill White card stock measuring 5.5x5.5.

Did you notice the tiny butterfly sitting on the sunflower?  We have so many of those tiny white and yellow butterflies this time of year, I just had to put one on there!  The FALL charms I found in my huge fall tote - and there is a simple adhesive set of leaves in the upper left corner.

Therefore, this card is entered at:

Thank you for looking; if you are new here, please consider following me for future candy blog!  Have a beautiful FALL!