Monday, December 5, 2011

Poinsettias Rule!

 My house is slowly beginning to look like a suburb of the North Pole.  Above 16 Santa cards await centers and gifts tucked inside for friends and relatives.  The card is based on one I saw HERE - just click!  Of course they aren't identical - nothing ever is, is it?  I used up a lot of wiggle eyes I know - they were a lot of fun.

NOW  few words about my poinsettias.  Earlier in my blog I showed pics of my red and white poinsettias as they flowered last Christmas season.  They are now 3 years old.  This year I totally forgot to trim them down in the spring, so yes.......................
 They are GIGANTIC!  My husband built me special wood planters for the exterior pots.  There is another pot within to contain moisutre.  Every day it seems they grow a bit more.
 You'll see now the brackets have formed on both the red and white.  I was truly surprised to see that this morning.  My sister in law was throwing the red one away 3 years ago and I thought I'd try raising it thru the winter.
 The white one was from my husband for our anniversary 3 years ago - and I must say it's even more beautiful today!
Here's a long shot in the sunroom - focusing down against our Christmas tree.  The 4 great grandkids just loved playing in this room on Thanksgiving Day - before all the outside activities.  Guess I should put those pics up next.

Unfortunately I did not get my 4 bags of goodies done for the Christmas song, and today I must do the 5 snowflakes.  I have the perfect huge punch for them!

Are you enjoying your Christmas prep?  I am!


  1. Darling cards and monster poinsettias!

  2. oh your santa cards turned out darling Linda. They are fun to make aren't they? Lovely poinsettias!

  3. Your cards are so cute! And your poinsettias are beautiful! Beginning to get into the swing of things here, just trying to get over this junk!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS. I love Pointsettias, I should get one for my apartment.


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