Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Here are two of the very best reasons in the world to visit your local shelter and pet rescue places when seeking out a companion.  Meet Lawrence.  He's only 2 years old and a beautiful JTown Tabby Persian!  Weighing in at only (ONLY!) 12 pounds, he's a big hunk of love, making a mad dash for his owner's lap soon as she sits down!
Now if that isn't enuf for one to smile about - the rescue of a beautiful animal who needed a home - then check out Louie.  Louie is an absolutely gorgeous 5 year old 7 lb. Lynx Point Himalayan.  What a beautiful little babe, huh?  Louie and Lawrence luckily were fostered together and are everlasting companions, very lucky to have been taken home by the same owner.

Louie makes a mad dash for the lap too but has to yield to curling up next to the lap til Lawrence chooses to jump down.  Ain't no way of squeezing in there!

How do I know all this?  The lucky OWNER is my daughter Shelly!  After the passing of Roscoe, her beautiful red Persian, she appropriately took time off.  I know I was one who told her she needed a cat again; but never dreamed there would be 2 special fur balls waiting for her somewhere.

They have indeed taken over and blended with Roscoe's spirit.  Great choice sweetie!

There is a special place on the net for cat lovers of all breeds to peruse weekly.  If you have time, come on over to Kenosha Purebred Cat Rescue!  (click!)  And yes, there are mixed breeds as well, just as beautiful as their purebred cousins. 


  1. These fellows are so handsome! Lovely choice by your daughter and I have to praise her for rescuing them together! Well done!

  2. thanks for the shout out! The boys send their love.


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  4. These two guys are a handsome pair! Your daughter sounds like she has found the perfect fit.


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