Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Feelin' Good!

In a series of 6 photos, I can finally show you TinkerBelle walking her catwalk upside down!

Preparation (feelin' frisky)
A quick run upside down the full length of her catwalk!
And she rights herself and determines whether to do it again or chase the dog!
Just thinkin'.............
Belle decided she'd just play with her mouse!

YES she really crawls around upside down on both of her catwalks, BELIEVE IT OR NOT!


  1. How adorable is Belle! That is amazing that she walks upside down! I don't think I've ever seen that before. Go Belle!

  2. LOL just too funny! Sometimes I wish my allergies were nonexistent so I could get a dog or cat, but fish and hermit crabs are the most this nose can handle. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Are our pets odd and loony or do we make them that way? That's what I always ask myself. Belle is very special and funny. I always like to pet her - I feel honored when she lets me!


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