Monday, June 6, 2011


(No I do not sell Avon - yes, I do use it; this is NOT an ad however.)

I am very proud of being part of the Green Movement in the world today.  With my efforts and millions of others, hopefully this world will be a better place when we leave it for the younger generation. 

Today I received some precious mail from a friend.  In Scrapbooak Place (a yahoo group you may wish to check out), we send each other various mailings.   This friend sent me cards/raks/stamps in accordance with her membership in the group.  I just felt I had to share this!

First of all, I'm marvelling at the whole envelope only costing her $1.88 in postage fees and that included a delivery confirmation no.!  DOUBLE WOW!

We all as family supporters have used Avon bags for something - either receiving awesome merchandise or giving something away and reusing that bag.

Well my friend Donna chose this nice large bag, and inserted the contents towards the mid-center of the bag and did 2 from the bottom and one from the top.  She simply sealed with some tape and added my address etc to the bag envelope.

Now on our group we are always looking at ways to reuse and recycle and coming up with awesome storage tips.  This in itself is an awesome mailing tip - so you now CAN hop on over to SBP Challenge Blog and see their latest presentation of storage ideas.  I guarantee you will say WOW! and look for ways to implement them in your own household!  CLICK HERE TO GO TO SBP CHALLENGE BLOG!

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