Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's hop to the sound of flowers!

Welcome to Scrapbook Place's monthly blog hop!  Our theme this month is "April Showers Bring May Flowers" so you will see FLOWERS featured in all of our creations.  I chose my flower to be of fabric and a wonderful friend helped me formulate this tut for you.
First of all, cut yourself a strip of fabric approx. 2 inches wide and 20 to 22 inches long.  You can adjust the flower by using a shorter narrower strip of fabric if you wish.
Fold your fabric in half and press smooth.  No need to sew the ends together either.
Make a straight stitch or gathering stitch on the raw edge.  On my machine I also loosened the tension to allow easy pulling of the threads.  You can backstitch on the beginning edge but not the end stitch.  You want to be able to pull the top thread. 
For those of you who don't like to go near a sewing can thread a needle with a long thread (not doubled) and run a long stitch all the way across the rough edge of your piece of material - catching both sides.  I tied a knot in the end of the above example so the thread wouldn't pull out.
 A closeup of the needle and thread - no need to make it pretty.
Start pulling gently on the thread, by holding and distributing the gathering as you go along.  Tie the thread together once you have it all gathered.  After securing your piece securely, now you can start rolling it at one end to make a little bud.  Secure the bud with a stitch or two and continue to roll the gathered fabric around the bud til you get your flower. 
I hot glued a button in the flower on the right and a colorful large brad on the flower on the left.  You can now hot glue your finished flower to any altered item or a card or project of your choosing.  Try it, and come back and send me a link, so I can see what you have accomplished!
If you just happened upon my blog, you will want to go back to the beginning of the hop - Lindsy's blog - and follow through to see all the beautiful creations!

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Thank you for joining us in more inspiration!


  1. Miss Linda...OMG..what a wonderful blog you have. The tutorials are wonderful on the them. THe pop can I've got to try that. THe lil' envie storage box...TOO COOL...I can't find the follow button to add me to your blog...HELPP...

  2. Ok--let's try the annonomus comment--LOL that kinda looks like thos Glubber flowers they make now :-) Very nice Juanita

  3. Love the ideas you come up and the great tutorials you show.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cindy H.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Love the flowers! Awsome like always, Linda.


  5. I'm hoping this gets to you as I've had lots of problems getting comments onto everyone's blog. Anywho, the Sumo Wrestler is something I would have never had thought of. Cute!


  6. YAY! I can leave a comment now!! I love your tutorial, now i have something new to try out..and the fabric you chose is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!


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