Monday, May 16, 2011

Daisies, Mom and May

My mother loved daisies, lily of the valleys and beautiful simple old fashioned garden flowers.  She also loved to paint.  My most fond memory is of coming home from school one day to see her sitting and painting on velvet with one of those paint by number sets.  I'm sure you all have seen them......I can still smell that paint too.  It's a good memory; she's been gone many many years now.

Well I'm in my 60's now, my children are adults and I've spent a wee bit of time doing crafts in my retirement.  But just recently I received an order from Crafter's Companion which contained my Paint Fusion kit by Sheena Douglass and it totally changed me.  I was totally enamored by the first paint brush I picked up and the paint I loaded onto the brush.  It was a warm comfie feeling, great memories of home came flooding back.  A huge package of supplies were all provided, a wonderful practice sheet to use over and over til I get it right (for me), and just fun packaged JUST FOR ME!

Each month my desk receives a new 6x6 calendar - all handmade and full of fun.  That calendar inspires me daily!  So I began by gathering my supplies.

I learned of a better and more economical way to crackle a background than I've ever done.  Wow!  And on chipboard - yet another way to use and love chipboard - so many ways to use it!  I did the crackle background with the simple instructions provided me on the Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion DVD - first a wash of paint and let it dry, then a wash of PVA glue and partially let it dry and then one more final coat of a coordinating paint and warm it with the heat gun.  Wallah!  Then I decided to do my favorite flowers - the daisies - and yes step by step instructions were provided on that DVD again.

I really appreciate the fact that the acrylic paints are eco-friendly and all the accessories were chosen by her personally to coordinate with the stamps, which she also created.

Meanwhile I set up the cardstock backdrop of the 6x6 with various papers from the Fairyopolis 12x12 packet, added a darling doily (visit your wedding aisle for them) and a yo yo flower button.  Even the yo-yo flower represents my childhood - as Mom taught me how to make them.  Back then we used them for hats for our small dolls!  This particular one came from my best bud Teresa - and you need to visit her blog as well - go to:  T's Scrappin' Spot!

The small vintage colored calendar can be printed out from the net, tie up a few buttons and adhere and do a double mount of cardstock for the last background.

Here's a photo of my May desk calendar.
I really love the month of May; as I enjoy looking at this calendar during my day!  So if you want to try something new, something simple and something so rewarding, check out Crafter's Companion's Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion kit.

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  1. Linda,
    Hi, I haven't been on-line for a bit so I thought I would stop by and say hi. Love this calender and your painting is wonderful. I did go check out the site and it looks great, I love to paint also. I just can't start another thing right now. My gardens are so full of weeds and I did my first card in 5 weeks yesterday. I've just been overwhelmed by horses, dogs, weeds and working. Have a wonderful day can't wait to see more from your kit.


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