Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby I'm not complaining..........

it's a bit hot here in SW Wisconsin.  We hit 93 on all of our thermometers yesterday - from a norm of 61!  We are promised 2 more days of 80's but rain both days...........and I am not complaining.  The birds have shown up to start nesting and we are having a blast at listening to their lovely songs!  Check 'em out!
My husband has counted over 30 goldfinches at a time on our 3 socks.
Notice the female ruby throated hummingbird sitting on the feeder.  Yes we saw the male there as well as a 2nd female!

 Red bellied woodpecker on the suet feeder; female downy woodpecker waiting; orioles in the backdrop of the branches......
 Red bellied woodpecker on the suet (yet); oriole on the hummingbird feeder (!).........

Nuthatch and oriole
Now to get back to card making!


  1. Wowsers, those are awesome pics! So when are we going to see your lo's?

  2. oh wow, I'm so jealous of your finches! We have only gotten finches a couple of years. You got some great shots of these beauties!

  3. I love your finches! I want to try this feeder sock in our backyard. What did you use for food--regular birdseed? Can I get the feeder sock at a feed store (horses & cows)? I'd love it if some birds visited us.



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