Thursday, April 14, 2011


Card front only
 My dear friend is recovering from an unexpected tragedy in her life.  Well I guess all tragedies are unexpected, but this sweet friend was expecting her baby and everything went wrong out of the blue.  I'm sure the Lord has some reasoning here - but one still goes thru the grieving process.  She and I write and email and I keep her in my prayers for success yet another day.  Such a treasure she sent me today in the mail - this gorgeous card!  And it's such an inspiration piece in many ways!  You'll notice that the scalloped circle is actually cut out of the card front and another die fits perfectly centered.

 This is the inside of the card front.

Now I just have to try that - and I hope you will!  Don't give up - just try it, as I told another friend today who said she just doesn't have any creativity.  We all have something we can work on, something to lift our souls and inspire us!

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  1. What a sweet card! I'm sorry your friend is not doing can indeed throw us a curve ball. Have a great weekend!


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