Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God does have a sense of humor!

At first glance I thought the pussy willow tree was sprouting their lovely white nubs!  But apparently the Lord wanted a good laugh at all of us as we dug out from under an additional 17 inches of snow this morning.  The willow ends are covered with an inkling of snow - very pretty.
There was/is beauty everywhere.  Husband couldn't wait to get the snowblower out and just have fun.  No sitting inside a cab for him - it wasn't long and he shed his jacket due to body heat!   We live in an earth berm home and our roof is literally on the left of the picture above - and he calculated we had about 17 ton of extra snow on it.  That meant snow blow the roof - just like we mow the roof in the summer!
 That's my hero and his little buddy!  Those are nordic walking poles, which we use on our walk.  WE usually do 3 miles every morning but today I'm sure he actually did 9!!!
Nikko loves this weather!  He does get ice globs in his paws and will lay down in the trail and wait for me to remove them; where upon he promptly will try to bite me thru the gloves.  Can't quite figure out how that transforms into a 'thank you'.
 We have a literal wildlife refuge on our 5 acres and I feed out about 13 feeders daily.  This is what the majority of them looked like this a.m.
About 2 p.m. this afternoon someone must have decided he had free time (or the township hired him!) and began blowing the snow off our little country road.  How cool! 

The groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter, huh?!

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