Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update to kids and butterflies!

Sis and I bond - yah that's me in the grey hair!  Of course we are the "new 50"!!
Face Painting at Ochsner Park Zoo- Baraboo WI

Just out of the chrysalis, this butterfly rests on hubbie's hand.

And a 2nd butterfly hatches and lands on our summer phlox, where we also saw a black swallowtail and hawkmoth enjoying the goodies!

Monday, August 16, 2010


This card is 'slightly' similar to a card I found on Gina K Designs site ....... I was in need of some sympathy cards for myself and a friend was looking for some as well, so I varied the card in textures and colors and came up with 8 new sympathy cards - 2 of which go into my card keeper.

This card is for a masculine birthday package -  and of course I needed a few so made up 8 all total.  You can tell I have a fetish for making cards in assembly line style!  But at the same time I vary the papers by using only my stash rather than buying any paper.

 A quick 'catch up' from 5 days ago.  Earlier in this blog I  took photos of some really tiny monarch caterpillars shortly after their birth on some milkweed on our property.  Well they grew and grew as all caterpillars do, and hubbie got the idea we needed to watch them go into metamorphosis as he had never seen them actually do that.  So I got out the big pickle jar; found 6 caterpillars eating away on the milkweeds, took 3 and brought them into the house.  Later I went back to the milkweeds where I found the 3 and the other 3 were missing, except that I found one crawling away in the grass.  So I retrieved him and put him in the jar and now there were 4. 
 They kept me pretty busy finding fresh milkweed every day, and now they have all gone into their chrysalis stage.  So beautiful, trimmed in gold just as the day they were laid as a golden egg on the underside of the milkweed leaf.  We are anxious parents to be! 

My birthday has come and gone as well - it was a good weekend.  We were able to "re-connect" a hen wren with some lost babes!  One or two of her chicks flew the coop early and she was frantically trying to keep track of them in the woods, rattling like all hen wrens do when you come near them.  
 However, the babes that were left in a gourd nest a couple hundred feet away were really hungry.  2 days went by and I never saw her come to their aid.  So we moved the next.  She quickly joined up with them and it wasn't long and they were in the woods with her too.  But at least it's quiet - my goodness, I know wrens are noisy but put together a couple hungry babes with all the noise of hen and her rattle, and it's quite annoying!

Thanks for visiting.  Please leave me a soon as the chrysalises all hatch, I'll be sending out some butterfly images for someone to color!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanksgiving in August

I needed Thanksgiving Cards for personal use this year so I decided to make my "surprise swap entry" Thanksgiving. Works for me at least. I got to use up some of my stash. Maybe by this time next year I can actually shop for NEW fall stuff - including paper!

The ribbon is Queen & Co. and the embellies are Oriental Trading. The paper is a bit of Basic Grey and other brands. Hope you enjoy!

Belle's Birthday

Don't you just wish you could celebrate your birthdays as lazy as this? This little girl is my constant companion at the computer......usually I move things to allow her more access, but this time she slipped in and just sprawled out as if she owned it.

Tinker Belle is 7 years old now - hard to believe that time has flown by so fast. Our wonderful feline rescue is such a joy! Even Nikko respects her very pristine claws! :)

Halloween in August?

Well not really - we'll hold Halloween to its proper month of October. But we are doing swaps in our scrapbook group and my Halloween swap is just this. A gorgeous card bound to please someone.

It's a Halloween Character we always see come October! I decided to treat this 5.5x5.5 card with lots of fun. I brought out my Close To My Heart watercolor pencils and had a blast doing furrows and highlights all over him. Then lastly the fall leaves - have to do a bit of real color in them with greens/purples/yellows! The purple glitter brads were from my stash - sorry don't have a trade name for you there.

But a Martha Stewart punch along the open edge and a slip of purple on the interior of the card make it one of those 'sure to please' swap entries (or at least I think so)!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Long Crazy Weekend

Yepper, that's my hubbie, our dog Nikko, and myself with this humongous life preserver on. He had nothing smaller - or I would've been wearing it!

It was a wonderful weekend for most of us, ROTFL!!! But there were a great deal of calamities and a great many more new friendships, as well as a wonderful group dinner Saturday evening.
Here's a full sized picture of a hovercraft on the Wisconsin River Friday afternoon. They go quite fast and we don't dally - we're one of those who enjoys speed. Nikko loved it too.

At one time we were in business manufacturing these for people worldwide. The website I still maintain is here: StarCruiser Hovercrafts We have produced 150 hovercrafts.

Come Sunday morning, I hadn't had any sleep since Friday evening however because of a stereo booming party all nite Saturday and Sunday morning and the theft of a coolor of full beer bottles from a camping neighbor near our group (and apparently he was on a thirst cause he got a bit cranky at his campsite when he found it gone). Finally 4:00 the Sheriff broke up the noise and issued a citation for inebriation to someone not with our crowd, couldn't find the stolen beer and cooler, and by that time a storm had started to rumble over the river and a lot of us started packing up in the dark; took only about 10 minutes to pack up an entire campsite! At 11 minutes it really rained hard. I drove thru flooded streets to get out of town. We measured 4 inches of rain in 2 hours.

But this was our final planned 'hoverin' for the year of 2010 and it's always a tribute to a deceased member of our group whom we all loved dearly! This year we were also saddened to the news of another member undergoing chemotherapy. Doesn't pain ever end in this life?

My granddaughter Rynda - Daughter Becky - Me - Daughter Shelly

My great grandson Nolan (4) and great granddaughter Aubrey (8)

Sunday afternoon 'the girls' in my life brought along the 'the kids' in my life and we all enjoyed a meal at my former sister in law's place. I slept like a babe Sunday evening!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maiden flight of Swallowtail

Well we were certainly excited to see a gorgeous swallowtail attempting to get out of her jar this a.m. What a surprise - time flew by fast. So my photos are not perfect, but the colors are there. Her underside had orange pearl spots - the topside in blues and pearls - just gorgeous.

The chrysalis (right side of this blog page) opened during the nite or early this a.m. - I found a link to a similar female (click here). We were so excited and worried about how long she had flitted around inside the jar that we wanted to let her go asap. Then she didn't cooperate really well - wanted her to crawl out onto the bushes in the front of the house - but oh well, did what we could and saw her maiden flight. She was in a hurry to start new life! Headed right back for the garden where we found her as a caterpillar! What a joy God gives us!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Today we took a recheck on that small monarch caterpillar! He's still still growing - this is his photo. And surprise of all surprises, there are many smaller than he is on the bottom of the various leaves. Look to the right of the underleaf and you'll see a smaller one.

We were lucky enough to find several very large monarch caterpillars as well - so apparently the bad luck we've had in the past with propagating monarchs in this area has changed this year. We are delighted to see all the welcome residents. However, we are having to pick off the eastern tent caterpillars and squish them - they eat the leaves of the milkweed that starve the monarchs. Yucky job!

This is one of the many now emerging from the shade of the milkweeds. I'm luving every minute of finding them!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A More Traditional Card Front

This more traditional card front (Christmas again) used up a lot of scraps of coordinating colors. The text stamp is from Addicted to Rubber Stamping. For the background paper I took a pad of chalk ink and swiped across and let it dry. Then I stamped the text with black Versafine. A friend suggested I do golds with it and wallah - absolutely the greatest idea! So for a calm Sunday afternoon, that was a total of 24 card fronts - some go to our group swap and the rest are in my Christmas card stash waiting for the cold weather - ugh!

Tomorrow we check on the monarch caterpillar. Watch for that update!

Onward with swap card fronts

Just a cute little snowman juggling snowballs! The snowman stamp is from a CTMH set, I used copics for coloring, various bazzill scraps for the backing, crocheted some chains and added lace from a friend, and finally put liquid glass on the snowman's coal buttons and clear glitter on his stocking cap. This creating Christmas cards in the heat of July and August is fun!