Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Card Number 1,000 !!

Card No. 1,000 for the year 2010 !!
This evening I'm completing 6 of the above gnomes as 4.25x5.5 cards - I just love them - I believe they are Whiff of Joy stamps - if not I'll find out who.  My girl friend Teresa rakked me 6 of them and they are just the sweetest things to color and whip up for a Christmas card.  This card will go to my youngest daughter for her desk at the hospital.  I love to send her cards to post on her desk for a week and then hopefully she finds someone to pass the card on to.  She has a wonderful career in nursing.  Having a BSN, she spends most of her day with children recovering or going thru cancer.  A very rewarding career - and she's an awesome person!

But meanwhile, I'm taking a breather - 1000 cards is a goal I've never tried to attain.  I'd say about 75% of those cards went to the troops.  I'm content.  Will I do it again next year, most probably!

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