Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Joan's Challenge Entry

I want to encourage everyone to stop in and visit Joan's Garden Craft Store!  I just love so many items she sells; and guess what, I can't find them locally anywhere!  She's getting in The Vagabond right now - and will ship to you only for the actual cost of shipping.  I really appreciate that!  In fact, are you looking for Krylon 18 ct. Gold pens - she's got them!!!!!! 

We could not delete a card from Joan's entries so I decided to put one back up with the same caption; hopefully it won't screw everything up for Joan.  Come on over and go thru Joan's store - you can't beat her service!

This is still my one and only Heartfelt Creations stamp set.  I just decided to put the word Hi! on it.  Not too difficult for even me - someone who is totally print challenged!  But I like it!  Good luck everyone at Joan's.....

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