Wednesday, December 29, 2010

January Thaw on the way?

Waking up to a beautiful display of hoar frost on our woods background, I had to get the camera out for some nature shots for my scrapbook.   It was even more beautiful walking thru the woods underneath the ice crystals.

While we have a forecast of a 1 day thaw on the way, we also have 2 days of freezing rain/sleet on the way and then temps going down in to the teens for a week.  So Verdon decided he better start moving some of the snow from the wood shed roof, the swing roof and the shop roof before the ice did its damage.  Roofs can only hold so much snow/ice weight.  This is already the 2nd time for removal.

Our house is an underground earth berm so we usually don't have to worry about the snow on the roof.  However, this year maybe the year we actually snow blow the roof from the lawn above the house!  It makes a huge difference when calculating the weight of snow into 'tons'.

Thought you'd enjoy the view of the house and woods.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Imagine my surprise when I received this award from my blogging buddy Glenda!  Hey everybody.....I'm Stylish!!! 

The rules for receiving this award are:
Thank and link back to the person who sent this to you. Thanks Glenda
Share 8 things about yourself
Pass this award on to 8 bloggers
Contact those bloggers and tell them you sent them this award.

So 8 things about me.

1.  I'm a Leo.......very romantic but very headstrong too!
2.  I love making cards and scrapbooking!
3.  I adore my 2 (now 4) great grandkids to pieces!
4. I'm dedicated to whatever project I take up.
5.  I'm retired and about to take Medicare!
6.  I play VERY well with others.
7.  I am owned by two cats and a Zuchon!
8.  I am married to a man who loves to play too!

Now the eight people I want to give this award to:
Janine (2bCrafty)
Patti J
Leslie K
Becky H

Thanks again, Glenda!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Blessing

........FROM ALL OF US!

May the Spirit of the Lord
always go before you
and lead you
to your heart's desires.

May the Joy of the Lord
be the song of your days
and the peace of the Lord
be a gift to your soul.

May the Love of the Lord
touch everything you do
and remind you
you are forever blessed!

Happy Holidays from All of Us!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Challenge #26 and Window cards

My gift arrives from Joan's Gardens, click HERE!

New winter photos as of Monday morning, click HERE!

Now come visit me as we look at another window card idea for Joan's Gardens Challenge #26.
Window card for Joans Gardens Challenge #26
This lovely blue/brown card came together fast and simply.  Requirements were/are:  white on the card; snow in the window image; chalking done in various spots; window idea.  Ribbon from my stash; white nestie from my friend Glenda; I colored the image with copics and did some distressing with alabaster chalk ink and a little blue dark chalk ink around the greeting; the window is outlined with gold pen.  The white bow I made with my handmade by hubbie "bow easy".   The greeting is embossed in silver on a cocoa colored cs.  Occasionally I like it simple and this was good for me.

Just another card I made (actually made 7 of them) using Father Christmas with watercolors and covering the image with Liquid Glass afterwards.  Lots of gold again and a soft brown velvet ribbon from CTMH and an accent clip.

And indeed we are fast approaching our holidays!


THANK YOU JOAN'S mailbox was rocking with fun today just waiting for me to come open the lid!!!  These are the $284 worth of Heartfelt Creations stamps and nesties I won at Joan's.  Really seems so unfair that one person can end up with so much, but I'm willing to try to enjoy it!!!  This will be so much fun entering in more challenges and creating more cards for friends and the troops overseas.

The randomly selected winner of the fabulous grand prize donated by Heartfelt Creations is number #58CONGRATULATIONS to Linda W.!!!  Here are your random numbers:
58 Timestamp:
2010-12-09 18:06:05 UTC

This was my entry!
Thank you so much Joan - and CONGRATULATIONS on No. 25!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blizzard Conditions with Beauty (updated 12/13/10)


A view of our  home from down the lane.
Ummmmm, I NEVER get 4 gloves!!!
NIKKO steals hubbie's glove and runs away with it!

This blogger lives in the Midwest - deep southwest Wisconsin - so we are always getting weird weather.  But there is always beauty in it also.  Here are a few scenes from this past weekend.  We did not get hit hard with the snow but we did get ice and then that was topped with about 6 inches of snow, causing roads to close and power lines to go down.  But all in all, I found some beauty.

Hubbie heading for the mailbox for me - skated all the way down and took a tour on the highway as well!
Nikko tried to skate by keeping his knees bent but finally gave in and walked on the side of the ice.  The above photos are from Sat. early.

Photos from our woods Sunday morning.

Backside of our underground home - looking down hill on the winter supply of wood.  Mulberry tree hanging very low with ice in foreground.

Window into Time and Challenge #26

Joan's Garden Challenge #26
I found this wonderful piece of wood grained cardstock in my stash eons ago and have never used it.  Today with Joan's new #26 Garden Challenge, I found an opportunity.  It'll also double as that extra Christmas card I also need for a friend!

The window images if from CTMH FATHER CHRISTMAS.  I have a yummy piece of red vintage paper for my background on my card.  The white background sheet has been run thru my cuttlebug and also the nestie cutting was saved for use another time.  I used icicle stickles all around the opening, some copic pen coloring and chalking around the window image and on the candle in the window.  I love using my new Krylon 18 kt gold pen that I purchased from Joan's shop, so I ran that around the opening and the exteriors of everything.  I love that little bit extra.  Embossed Merry Christmas on the faux wood cs and attached a small cord bow.  A few diamond blings to accent the window full of snow and wallah, all is well as everyone waits for Christmas to arrive.

Joan's qualifications for this challenge were very simple and are shown below.  But basically a card with white, snow or snowflakes, chalking and the window look.

Come on over and meet'll love her service and her artistic talent.  Her challenges are oh so worthwhile entering into as well.  Last week I won a BIG ONE - as soon as it arrives I'll show you!  It indeed is my Christmas gift this year just for playing along with the group and learning new things.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Challenge #26 and Wee And Reindeer

I was creating my Christmas cards when my hubbie thought I should enter this one in Joan's Garden Challenge #26 as it looked like a window card, has a snowflake (upper right of inset) and snow on it at Reindeer's hooves, has white background, the edges of the inside of the window are chalked with Lime Pastel and the edges of the card itself chalked with Alabaster.  I colored the image with my copics and tried a new method of using my colorless blender to bring some lighter colors which I did not have in the actual copic pen to the coat of the gnome.  Wee and Reindeer is the name of the image, Whiff of Joy is the brand.  I was given several images from my friend in Tennessee, Teresa!

Below are the guidelines.:

1. Use some kind of snow or snow flakes
2. White is the color for the week, so make sure you have white on your card
3. Do some Chalking
4. Create some kind of a window look

I hope you have a warm weekend, we are supposed to have another biggie of a snowstorm on Sat.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Joan's Challenge Entry

I want to encourage everyone to stop in and visit Joan's Garden Craft Store!  I just love so many items she sells; and guess what, I can't find them locally anywhere!  She's getting in The Vagabond right now - and will ship to you only for the actual cost of shipping.  I really appreciate that!  In fact, are you looking for Krylon 18 ct. Gold pens - she's got them!!!!!! 

We could not delete a card from Joan's entries so I decided to put one back up with the same caption; hopefully it won't screw everything up for Joan.  Come on over and go thru Joan's store - you can't beat her service!

This is still my one and only Heartfelt Creations stamp set.  I just decided to put the word Hi! on it.  Not too difficult for even me - someone who is totally print challenged!  But I like it!  Good luck everyone at Joan's.....

Card Number 1,000 !!

Card No. 1,000 for the year 2010 !!
This evening I'm completing 6 of the above gnomes as 4.25x5.5 cards - I just love them - I believe they are Whiff of Joy stamps - if not I'll find out who.  My girl friend Teresa rakked me 6 of them and they are just the sweetest things to color and whip up for a Christmas card.  This card will go to my youngest daughter for her desk at the hospital.  I love to send her cards to post on her desk for a week and then hopefully she finds someone to pass the card on to.  She has a wonderful career in nursing.  Having a BSN, she spends most of her day with children recovering or going thru cancer.  A very rewarding career - and she's an awesome person!

But meanwhile, I'm taking a breather - 1000 cards is a goal I've never tried to attain.  I'd say about 75% of those cards went to the troops.  I'm content.  Will I do it again next year, most probably!

Final Entry for Joan's Garden Challenge #25

With this entry into Joan's Garden Challenge #25, I just sit and wait now for the final drums to roll.  This is Joan's last challenge until January 6.  At stake are a ton of gifts and prizes for the random no. generated prize winner.  Also many prizes for those who followed all the blogs as well!  Me!!!  I really worked hard and have done everything but pray (I just don't feel that is appropro here!) to at least get a decent prize - but alas the grand slam would definitely make my Christmas happy.

At the end of the year she also will be pulling a winner for a $100 gift certificate.  WOO HOO!

This is my one and only and fantabulous Swirly Autumn Leaves from Heartfelt Creations - the only requirement of this challenge is to use only HC stampsets - and I've used lots of purples.  The ribbon is a dyed purple.  I stuck in a small handmade rose edged in purple into the leaves.  I also added beautiful dark black fluorishes amidst the gold.  And last but not lease I used Queen & Co. Rox on the corners.  I love these; have never had them before; a friend rakked them to me!  The entire card is distressed with Smoky Plum from CTMH and then edged with the Krylon gold leafing pen I bought from Joan's.  Yes, she's the perfect store to buy what you need from!  Just love her pop dots!

Wish me luck - at least enjoy all my creations.  Have a great evening.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Troops Cards and Joan's Garden Challenge #25

 I decided to get my Christmas cards going this week.  Along with my card and gift to my best friend in Louisiana, I'm sending along between 35 and 40 cards for the troops, as she's our go between for mailings.  This stamp is from Heartfelt Creations, called Swirly Autumn Leaves, and it's a precut beauty.  You can purchase it and many more from Joan's Garden - and thus it's also entered in her Challenge #25 which was to solely use a HC stampset.  What fun!

I hope you are having a lovely week - it's certainly "count down to Christmas" week as we all scramble to get our cards done and are gifts at least purchased - hopefully wrapped soon as well!  Let me know what you are doing!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First SnowFall of 2010/11 Winter Season

I cannot even imagine what it is to have winter without snow.  And this year our local weather forecaster predicts only 43 inches for us for the entire winter!  Well this morning we woke to 9 inches and coming down!  Take a quick tour with me and Nikko as we try to go around and fill the bird feeders!

Nikko had no trouble at all getting his fur packed with snow balls!  But the snow was way too high for him to jump over for too long, and he eventually decided to just plod behind me in my boot tracks!
This is our arbor and sidewalk from the kitchen to the workshop.  Hubbie took a quick pass thru with the shovel to obtain the snowblower and then spend the next 2 hours clearing out what he could.
Newest style bird feeder inundated with snow.  My husband decided some of my bird feeders needed updating and he created some unusual designs around our wooded trail.  Now to clear the snow to find the feeder bases.

Just plain "no beauty" like "snow beauty" everywhere!

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Calendar and Challenge #25

Entry No. 3 at Joan's Garden Challenge #25.  I needed to get my December calendar done - it's the 3rd I'm still sitting here looking at November!  I chose the same Swirly Autumn Leaves stampset - just live it - added some edging using my new gold leaf pen from Joan's shop and some of the white fluorish pearls from Joan as well.  I pop dotted the leaf after embossing a beautiful piece of red Christmas pp with another leaf.  Hope you like.

Joan's challenge is open to everyone using Heartfelt Creation stamps.  See the rules below or check directly with Joan's website by clicking here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swirly Autumn Leaves and Joan's Gardens Challenge #25

Joan's Garden Challenge #25

 This week Joan's Gardens is holding a wonderful celebration with BIG TIME prizes.  All one needs to do are the following items and create, create and create even more!  All judging will be done by random no. generator.

My Heartfelt Creations stamp set is Swirly Autumn Leaves and I did a bit of pop dot dimension with the center leaf embossed in gold.  Everything else is stamped with Memento Brown and then colored with a bit of copics, gold leafing and a white dot!  Added a few quilled flowers from my dear friend Anna - she and I have a thing about making these lovely flowers! - and a bit of crocheted lace I made and was leftover from some ornaments I sent to friends.  The backgrd. paper is BG and Kraft paper of course - and I hope I've done the contest a bit of justice.  The card is a 6x6.

I will be creating more entries - I want to definitely make up  some Thank You note cards in a set for a gift using a portion of this stampset, which I love dearly!

• Create a card/project using ONLY Heartfelt Creations stamps (any HFC stamps and matching dies are acceptable) Do not use any other brand stamps. You may use any card stock, design paper and embellishments you want.

• You must be subscribed to Joan's Gardens blog to win.  This allows you to receive all updates about challenges and sales, etc..

The winner for the grand prize package from Heartfelt Creations will be chosen from a Random drawing and will be announced Friday morning (December 10). This person will also be entered in the End of the Year drawing for a $100 gift certificate from Joan's Gardens. You may enter this challenge more than once, but each card/project must be made with only Heartfelt Creations stamps.

Three more chances to win another a great prize! This week Selma and I have invited 10 guest designers to join us in a Blog Hop featuring Heartfelt Creations stamps. You won't want to miss all the inspiration in the beautiful cards created by these designers. While visiting each of these blogs, you have a chance to win another great prize from Joan's Gardens. In order to be eligible for one of these three prize packages, you need to leave a comment on each blog in this Hop. Out of the twelve blogs, there are three "mystery" blogs, each with a prize package from Joan's Gardens. For a chance to win, be sure to leave a comment on all twelve blogs.   Keep on reading as the beautiful cards and links to the blogs are shown below.

Below are the guidelines to enter this week's challenge:

• Post your challenge card to your blog. Important, please have a direct link to your challenge card and not to your blog address.

• OR post to the SCS gallery. (If you are posting to the SCS gallery, you will need to use a special code to tag your card so it is entered into the challenge. This week's code is JG1202.)

• Link your card/project to the Blue Inlinkz icon listed at the bottom of this challenge.