Monday, August 16, 2010


This card is 'slightly' similar to a card I found on Gina K Designs site ....... I was in need of some sympathy cards for myself and a friend was looking for some as well, so I varied the card in textures and colors and came up with 8 new sympathy cards - 2 of which go into my card keeper.

This card is for a masculine birthday package -  and of course I needed a few so made up 8 all total.  You can tell I have a fetish for making cards in assembly line style!  But at the same time I vary the papers by using only my stash rather than buying any paper.

 A quick 'catch up' from 5 days ago.  Earlier in this blog I  took photos of some really tiny monarch caterpillars shortly after their birth on some milkweed on our property.  Well they grew and grew as all caterpillars do, and hubbie got the idea we needed to watch them go into metamorphosis as he had never seen them actually do that.  So I got out the big pickle jar; found 6 caterpillars eating away on the milkweeds, took 3 and brought them into the house.  Later I went back to the milkweeds where I found the 3 and the other 3 were missing, except that I found one crawling away in the grass.  So I retrieved him and put him in the jar and now there were 4. 
 They kept me pretty busy finding fresh milkweed every day, and now they have all gone into their chrysalis stage.  So beautiful, trimmed in gold just as the day they were laid as a golden egg on the underside of the milkweed leaf.  We are anxious parents to be! 

My birthday has come and gone as well - it was a good weekend.  We were able to "re-connect" a hen wren with some lost babes!  One or two of her chicks flew the coop early and she was frantically trying to keep track of them in the woods, rattling like all hen wrens do when you come near them.  
 However, the babes that were left in a gourd nest a couple hundred feet away were really hungry.  2 days went by and I never saw her come to their aid.  So we moved the next.  She quickly joined up with them and it wasn't long and they were in the woods with her too.  But at least it's quiet - my goodness, I know wrens are noisy but put together a couple hungry babes with all the noise of hen and her rattle, and it's quite annoying!

Thanks for visiting.  Please leave me a soon as the chrysalises all hatch, I'll be sending out some butterfly images for someone to color!


  1. Love those cards and the photos of the catepillars are awesome.

  2. Everyone loves a monarch butterfly! They are just beautiful creatures. Someday I want to do a mosaic of one. Oh I love your sympathy card. I may even scraplift the idea of the masking on it. Thanks for sharing. Louella

  3. Everyone loves a monarch butterfly! They are beautiful creatures. Mother Nature is awesome in her creations. Love your new sympathy card, the masking is beautiful. Louella

  4. Both of your cards are very pretty Linda, and I always enjoy your nature pictures!

    I'm blown away by your "counts". I started to track mine at the beginning of the year and lost count back in Feb. Numbers just aren't my thing. But wow, the assembly line thing is definitely working for you (and I bet you are using up a ton of stash too!)



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