Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maiden flight of Swallowtail

Well we were certainly excited to see a gorgeous swallowtail attempting to get out of her jar this a.m. What a surprise - time flew by fast. So my photos are not perfect, but the colors are there. Her underside had orange pearl spots - the topside in blues and pearls - just gorgeous.

The chrysalis (right side of this blog page) opened during the nite or early this a.m. - I found a link to a similar female (click here). We were so excited and worried about how long she had flitted around inside the jar that we wanted to let her go asap. Then she didn't cooperate really well - wanted her to crawl out onto the bushes in the front of the house - but oh well, did what we could and saw her maiden flight. She was in a hurry to start new life! Headed right back for the garden where we found her as a caterpillar! What a joy God gives us!

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