Monday, August 9, 2010

A Long Crazy Weekend

Yepper, that's my hubbie, our dog Nikko, and myself with this humongous life preserver on. He had nothing smaller - or I would've been wearing it!

It was a wonderful weekend for most of us, ROTFL!!! But there were a great deal of calamities and a great many more new friendships, as well as a wonderful group dinner Saturday evening.
Here's a full sized picture of a hovercraft on the Wisconsin River Friday afternoon. They go quite fast and we don't dally - we're one of those who enjoys speed. Nikko loved it too.

At one time we were in business manufacturing these for people worldwide. The website I still maintain is here: StarCruiser Hovercrafts We have produced 150 hovercrafts.

Come Sunday morning, I hadn't had any sleep since Friday evening however because of a stereo booming party all nite Saturday and Sunday morning and the theft of a coolor of full beer bottles from a camping neighbor near our group (and apparently he was on a thirst cause he got a bit cranky at his campsite when he found it gone). Finally 4:00 the Sheriff broke up the noise and issued a citation for inebriation to someone not with our crowd, couldn't find the stolen beer and cooler, and by that time a storm had started to rumble over the river and a lot of us started packing up in the dark; took only about 10 minutes to pack up an entire campsite! At 11 minutes it really rained hard. I drove thru flooded streets to get out of town. We measured 4 inches of rain in 2 hours.

But this was our final planned 'hoverin' for the year of 2010 and it's always a tribute to a deceased member of our group whom we all loved dearly! This year we were also saddened to the news of another member undergoing chemotherapy. Doesn't pain ever end in this life?

My granddaughter Rynda - Daughter Becky - Me - Daughter Shelly

My great grandson Nolan (4) and great granddaughter Aubrey (8)

Sunday afternoon 'the girls' in my life brought along the 'the kids' in my life and we all enjoyed a meal at my former sister in law's place. I slept like a babe Sunday evening!

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