Monday, August 2, 2010


Today we took a recheck on that small monarch caterpillar! He's still still growing - this is his photo. And surprise of all surprises, there are many smaller than he is on the bottom of the various leaves. Look to the right of the underleaf and you'll see a smaller one.

We were lucky enough to find several very large monarch caterpillars as well - so apparently the bad luck we've had in the past with propagating monarchs in this area has changed this year. We are delighted to see all the welcome residents. However, we are having to pick off the eastern tent caterpillars and squish them - they eat the leaves of the milkweed that starve the monarchs. Yucky job!

This is one of the many now emerging from the shade of the milkweeds. I'm luving every minute of finding them!

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  1. Aren't they fun? I've had a recent hatch explosion too - this is the best year in many years!


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