Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flowers in July

I'm taking time to work on cards in the background, so am updating you with some of the wonderful smells around my flower gardens.

First off is our lovely peppermint zinnias. Altho they are so easy to raise, I just have not raised zinnias much. So this year I did and am well pleased with their beauty and lasting color.

As hot as it has been in Wisconsin this year, my new butterfly bush is staunchly holding its ground. My friend Teresa sent it to me 2 years ago and it's a beauty.

The Candy Tuft Iris is a difficult touchy plant. But I have totally left it alone since I transplanted it several years ago and it continues to bloom and produce a lot of seed. I love its alternating leaf pattern.

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  1. Beautiful flowers, Linda! God is SUCH a magnificent Artist!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your flower gardens. :-)


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