Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fairies and Roses!

(July 17, 2010 - UPDATE ON THIS CARD. At the time of this original post, I did not want it to leak out where the card would be sent. But now that it's arrived at its destination, congratulations to our August Queen of the Month, Barb Lobsinger! Hope you have a lovely reign. And enjoy this card!!!)

Wow, time does fly when one is busy! And this summer has me hopping all over the place! I finally settled down to take part in our group's July card challenge. We chose a variety of fruits and later those fruits were translated into actual card making items.

This card is a 6x6. I colored the image with my copics. I'm still learning about blending so don't look too closely! But I had to use at least one button, chipboard, metal, ribbon and color the image. I successfully did all 5.

Now on to the other 4 cards!


  1. Great card, Linda, and I LOVE the way you colored the flowers. I just can't get the hang of flowers! LOL

  2. Thanks for sending this to me. Makes me feel special. It is beautiful and you did a great job. Don't know if I could do as good on this one.


  3. Thank you all for such lovely compliments!


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