Sunday, June 27, 2010


Nikko got himself a new pool - it was a grand freecycle find! We got the idea at first from my brother and his Brittany Treena. He actually had a huge watering trough for her to jump in and cool off. Well we needed something a bit more shallow and today was our day!

And as you can see he's had a ball in it for the last hour! He runs out of it with his ball and jumps back in and splashes around just like a kid! His ball sinks tho and he has trouble retrieving it so with a little help from me or dad, he's catching it in mid-air and on his way again!

He is a bath loving dog so his draw to water comes very natural. Now to find us a pool on freecycle - yah right!!!!!


  1. I think I would be in the pool with Nikko. Looks like fun.

  2. You and I SHOULD be in there, Barb! After the heat and humidity today, it would be well warranted. He played all afternoon - mostly by himself. He'd play with his ball, jump out and run around the lawn and then jump back in; it was a blast watching him out the window! He will sleep good tonite, but he always does. Thx, Linda


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