Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Now my husband is not one who wants a lot of attention. Very self sufficient, a doer type person. He's probably going to be embarrassed that I put a photo here of him in shorts! lol! That's his buddy Nikko resting in the swing with him.

But if he needs something, he makes it rather than drive 15 miles to town. But his children and I thought perhaps he would be amazed at what a GARMIN nuvi would do for him. He had no idea we conspired behind the scenes, so on Friday a package arrived for him. One can tell he didn't believe what was in the package, he was totally surprised. This is difficult to do with him - as he will easily suspect me if I'm being sneaky with gifts! But we pulled this one off.

Ann Weber made the cute card resting on the seat! Thank you Shane & family, Jane & family, Terri & family and Christie & family!

Hug a Father today!

Blog Addition after Cuba City parade today:

It's Dairy Days in our humble little neighboring town and Verdon and 3 of his brothers entered 4 projects in the parade. The little white eco car is Verdon's 3 wheel bike. It's a hybrid of pedal and electric assist.

The 2nd photo is the 4 brothers, Homer is on a tractor that he converted to a Honda motorcycle engine and Vernon and Richard have self balancing trailers (with motors of course). It was a great parade.

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  1. Those little cars are so cute! Reminds me of the hometown fourth of July celebration we have near my hometown. He is so talented! hugs,T


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