Saturday, May 1, 2010

WHAT IS IT - Continued!

It's Saturday and I promised - so here I am with the answer to the beautiful plant and our winner!

On Friday I took a current photo of the plant as it continues to unfold; it's going to be one of the largest JACK IN THE PULPITS I have ever seen, I am sure! Yes, Becky, you were right. It's a Jack and to watch them unfold is a passion of mine! It has other names, Indian Turnip is the most common one I've heard......don't know if the Indians really ate them or not! Note the smaller Jack to the left of the larger one.

There were several good guesses and I'm glad you ladies took time to stop and just leave a comment.

Here's a photo of a Jack already opened further down the path as well in my woods. It's smaller and opened sooner; there are a lot of them open right now and they stand about 6 inches tall and seem to be of 2 differing varieties - one in the pale greens and the other snake like markings. The one we are waiting on has those snake like markings and could easily tower over everything at about 30 inches or more.

And here's a photo of the red berries it produces before it goes to sleep for the winter. We usually wait for the whole shabang to almost fall off the plant and then replant them thruout the woods. Some years my husband has literally tossed them around and we do find many new tiny plants starting the next year in those areas. They are 3 leaves when they start and that's about all they do the first year. They don't always return year after year however. Very pretty berries anyway.

And congratulations to Anna N. as her name was drawn by one of those random generators for me. I'll be sending you a little surprise Anna. Thanks everyone for playing. Now I'll just wander on down the wooded path in my sloppy trekking clothes with my faithful companion Nikko - notice all the apple blossoms falling on the path! It's gorgeous - a bit unfriendly for us allergy sufferers but worth every sniffle!

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics Linda--I have never seen a striped one before nor the berries. Congrats to Anna!!


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