Thursday, May 27, 2010

Showing off ....

Patriotic and spoiled!

Just as one would schedule an appointment for your hair, dog groomers now need appointments ahead of time for the pooches. So today was Nikko's Grooming Day! Nikko is our Zuchon.

Here is a photo before and then after - same day. One wonders if we brought home the wrong dog!

We were alerted when we first got him to never laugh at him, so with a few well hidden snickers we got the pictures you see and he's now curled up trying to keep warm in 80 degree heat!

Wow, and we thought we were doing him a favor!


  1. Nikko sure looks cute. There is a rescued greyhound on my route that is very selective who he approachs, and the owner cannot figure out why I am one of the few. I guess I'm just a dog person as well as a mail person.

    Your Jack in the Pulpit looks like it is doing well.

  2. Nikko sure looks cute. Right proud of himself.

    Jack sure has grown. I really think they are interesting.


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