Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just need more time!

I can't believe how my days are picking up in work and becoming shorter in hours! While I don't want the temperatures that winter brings, I sure would love a bit of the laziness it allowed me. Yesterday I spent all my free time pulling these ugly weeds from my flower gardens! Late in the afternoon I found a gentleman who was selling nursery stock nearby and also these huge brown hen eggs! Yummmm! Then my cousin and his friend showed up and we all enjoyed a few hours together.

Today of course I'm sore. Now an update on what else is happening........

First of all, let me tell you about my friend Lelia. She sent me some gladiolus bulbs to plant and along with those bulbs was this beautiful card and lovely message inside! Doesn't the butterfly seem to fly right off the page at you! Wow - those colors are awesome!

I plan on surprising her shortly with some Resurrection bulbs which shall bloom sometime in July this year and be a real surprise! She is a member/moderator on Scrapbook Place and indeed an artist in residence! Her blogsite is at: Hop on over and visit her and put her on your list to visit every day! It's a read worth watching!

Ok, here's the update on the "HOLES"...I took my little canine companion out for his nightly walk on Monday evening. We got near the edge of our lawn and something barked in a high pitch voice and growled in the most menacing tone I never want to hear again. All I could think of was "wolverine"! Our neighbor had reported seeing one - all too unlikely but still could be I suppose. Nikko wanted to fight - he was all for being as aggressive as his little body could be - lunging for the brush area where the noise was coming from. I couldn't see that well but apparently he could. This was not for me - I am not the brave one in this family. So we retreated for the house very quickly.

I tried to watch thru the larger windows and peer thru the darkness as it fell and it took only about 20 minutes and it looked like a fox appeared and ran across the lawn. Either that or a small coyote - I'm leaning towards the fox. I've heard the whimpering of little kits now too when watching the area. Hopefully they will move them soon to a larger woods away from us.

So for this evening, I'm heading off to clean/steam my kitchen and living room carpets. Mother's Day isn't too far away and land sakes, can't let the girls see Mom with dirty carpets! :)

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  1. Awww, thanks Linda! I knew if anyone would love those bulbs it would be you. I was happy to share! :O)



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