Monday, May 10, 2010

Heaven's stairs?

Mother's Day weekend was here as it probably was at most homes - very hectic but full of love and surprises around every corner. My daughters, granddaughter, and great granddaughter along with 2 of her friends came for a grand day on the ranch on Saturday! Here the kiddos are piled around our wood pile! You gotta love those little boys - they knew how to play me for everything they wanted! They had a ball, needless to say! I heard that the riding lawn mower switch got left on over nite - can we all say "DEAD BATTERY"!!! ROTFL!!!!!!
So of course, then the Moms and Sis gathered for a picture too! Wonder who that gray haired ole lady is!
My biggest surprise was finding my great granddaughter later in the afternoon sitting in my craft room making something special for her mom. She had already acquired a lovely heart hanger from my hubbie - she knew what she needed cut and nailed and he did that. So then she got in my craft room and found flowers, stamps, pens, bling to embellish it with, you name it - this kid was happy!!! And I was so happy to see her sitting in MY craft room - I could not imagine sharing it with a more deserving little angel.
And then the grand presentation to her mom! We made her mom close her eyes and she was just ecstatic to think her 7 yo daughter would just come up with such a grand idea! Of course this was on Saturday so on Sunday Mom Laurynda still got another prize from her kiddos for Mother's Day. I'm sure it was a wonderful weekend for her this year for sure.
Well Sunday came and since one of my daughters stayed over we decided to go geo-caching! It's getting to be a long standing tradition on Mother's Day - drag mom thru the worst and darkest of caves, stand Mom on the edge of a river bank and watch her try to fall in; drive to the highest peaks in Wisconsin, and this time climb (YES I SAID CLIMB) up 266 steps on the MOUND which is a huge mound from mining days! My legs still ache but it was a blast! I immediately found one of the caches and then we went on a tour for the 2nd cache in a cemetery 15 miles away - Shelly found that cache! We had a blast, and can't wait til next year to do it all again!

That's me and my companion Nikko - he actually did all 266 steps much easier than me - maybe cause he has 4 legs!?? This is the cache we found - in a rock carved to hold the journal and goodies. We are all a very active family which is why we just don't feel our age, geocaching is and always will be our playtime of choice when nothing else is available! It's just plain fun reading the journals and adding your own little notes! You can check it out at

Hope you had an awesome weekend too! And did you hug a Mom?

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