Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some people say their lives have gone elsewhere, but in our retirement we have continued our efforts in preserving the 5 acres we own as a bird sanctuary. The wonderful songs and flashes of color we receive back from them each day all year long and all seasons make it all worthwhile. To spot a bird we have never seen here or to see one return year after year is just a treasure to us each day.

In years past we have seen some severe winters and resultant deep snowfalls. With those snowfalls we increased our feeder capacities to help maintain the winter birds that were here. One particular year the chickadees were so hungry they would lite on our hands, on my camera, in the feed bucket, wherever they could even before we paused at the feeders.

This year, in the photo above, we have a pair of returning chickadees that had to abandon their nesting area from last year due to rotting bark on the old limb. They chose a stump this time about 4 feet high and if you look carefully you can see either the male or female watching guard and then going into the nest. I paused and took many photos so I'm certain they are both male and female and that they are feeding - which means we have a new batch of babes in our woods.

In the 3rd photo my daughter had given us a couple gourds she raised, and we have a pair of chickadees nesting in this one, altho they were too quick for my camera lens this time. But I'll get a photo yet and at the same time I'll get a photo of that Rusty Towhee that teases me with his songs.

That's what life is all about - going to the birds!


  1. I sure wish we had chickadee here in FL.

  2. I wish I could share mine with you Barb. I dearly love the little chickadee! Thanks for checking in on me!


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