Thursday, March 18, 2010


To be the Princess of ALL!

Meet Princess Raggs - she'll be 9 on June 1. Today she's basking in the afternoon sun on my sewing machine. We found Raggs abandoned under a ragweed plant in 2001, sickly and near death. She's been our loving queen of all ever since. She was our Whiskers constant companion thru his many years and towards the end she never left his side. And then along came Tinker Belle........well we all know what she'd like to have done with that little white ball of nothing! But she adapted to that as well. And then in 2009 along came Nikko. It took Raggs about 3 months to learn to adapt to the addition of a "dog" to her domain! But all is well now. It is so worth it to rescue a pet.....they give back all the love you pour upon them.

Nikko LOVES his treats - but maybe, just maybe, this was a bit too much!
And here's the Question of the Day - is the front end or the back end?! He gets a grooming in one week, and we'll know for sure then!


  1. The Princess is Lovely - long live the Princess! But - where's her tiarra?

    Ramona :-)

  2. Front--I hope that's a nose I spy hovering above the biscuit! ROFL, Pat


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