Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was G - Day: GROOMER DAY for our best friend, Nikko! You've seen the BEFORE pictures I posted last week and now you can see our handsome bud without all that heavy coat! He's pretty proud of it all too - albeit he was a bit chilly so he had to wear his sweater for a short while afterwards. The gals that work at this grooming facility are really the greatest - we applaud all their will and determination to help the canines put their best foot forward. They also are English Bulldog breeders and a rescue shelter for parrots and other birds, so one never tires of going for a visit! Today 2 beautiful macaws entertained us while a couple love birds did what they do best!


Lindsy said...

Oh goodness! He's like a whole new dog! It's amazing what a little clip here and there can do! =)

Linda W. said...

He's having quite a time getting used to it tonite too. After a long nap he's getting more active. But actually wanted his sweater back on! Too funny! Thx Lindsy!

Kat said...

NOW we can see Nikko's face. LOL! Great photo, Linda. :-)

Linda W. said...

Thanks Kat - these dogs just don't shed. They are called hypoallergenic as well as I can attest too with my 'other' allergies. And the fact they don't have that double coat many breeds do have makes them a favorite with the groomers. We are having cold weather again so he can wear his sweater and be covered up all he wants - I feel for him! :)

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