Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flowers, Eggs, a Shoe and a RAK

Today was a really hectic day focused around health areas but amidst it all I send up a prayer of thankfulness. So I urge everyone to take time to relax this weekend; enjoy the quiet time...just for yourself. Find a church where you can attend Easter Services. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger. I did this morning - such a cool feeling afterwards too!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As my flowers are telling me, it's time for some division and more replanting. The spider plant(s!!!) - I have 2 exactly like this - definitely want some trimming and repotting........and their turn will come.

My friendship violets have doubled in size now and in numbers so I have the soil and pots ready to repot - probably tomorrow. Note how the leaves and the small flowerettes just opening are white/pink/green on this plant. It's a real treasure. I got my first one from a friend as a gift and I've continued to divide and create more for my friends who I encourage to do the same.

Palm Sunday has passed as well as Monday and I'm finding it difficult to delegate time to keep up my blog........oh woe is me! But since our weather has changed, my hubbie and I are hot into working up the garden and doing other spring fun items around the ranch!
One of my best friends sent me a package of the most lovely birthday cards - we both belong to SCRAPBOOK PLACE and enjoy making cards and challenging each other to layouts and other projects. The card is your typical Z card made with 12" length cs; whereas I have routinely used only 8.5" cs. This will be fun to try to copy! She does such beautiful work!!!

Today we hauled in a truckload of the purest black gold on the market - composted cow manure! This past fall/winter we spent extra time applying more compost from the household as well as purchased bags that went on sale for 50 cents a bag at our local Walmart. A good rototilling and our garden will be begging for seeds. Which we will begin planting tomorrow. Carrots and our favorite lettuce will be going in tomorrow.
This picture is part of only one layer of our indoor seeds which started sprouting this week. Hubbie says we have about 80 pots started now and the cold frame is all set to go as well. Everything from broccoli to flowers are in those lovely pots. We are the type of individuals who enjoy growing our own vegetables for both the convenience and safety of our food. My freezer is still 1/2 full of the most beautiful green beans/broccoli/rhubarb and yes, even the zucchini bread! I really don't "can" anymore - altho last year I did do a few quarts of pears from my brother's pear tree, but that's all. I enjoy blanching and freezing and bringing my vegie beauties back to life in a hot steam bath!
Til tomorrow when I can post another SHOE CARD for EASTER..........enjoy your spring day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Kick Back and Enjoy the View!

Our family and extended relatives got together today and just kicked back for fun, food and catching up on old times.

My little blondie and her brother with a buzz cut - gotta blame Mom there!

We 3 musketeers (that's me in the middle)

My daughters put it all together and we all enjoyed a marvelous day with the youngest ones; they change so fast, it's hard to keep up! My husband took the picture of all of us together - so he is missing there.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palm Sunday Violets!

I love flowers - and I hope I have passed my love for flowers on to my daughters, granddaughter and now great grandchildren. These are 4 of my violets I have raised from little leaves - and they are all going to new homes on Palm Sunday. No, it's not a tradition or anything like that. They merely tend to be blooming really great right around this time of year if I start them from leaves the previous year or so earlier.

You know, there is a limit as to how many plants you can water/fertilize/keep happy in a day - and I definitely hit my limit recently. So as my 4 babes above head for their new homes tomorrow evening, their empty slots in my windows will already be filled with new little leaves and plants just eager for the happy sunshine that comes in our windows.

Pass a love you have on to your generations to follow. And if you need a violet, jlmk!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was G - Day: GROOMER DAY for our best friend, Nikko! You've seen the BEFORE pictures I posted last week and now you can see our handsome bud without all that heavy coat! He's pretty proud of it all too - albeit he was a bit chilly so he had to wear his sweater for a short while afterwards. The gals that work at this grooming facility are really the greatest - we applaud all their will and determination to help the canines put their best foot forward. They also are English Bulldog breeders and a rescue shelter for parrots and other birds, so one never tires of going for a visit! Today 2 beautiful macaws entertained us while a couple love birds did what they do best!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


25 CARDS LATER - Yesterday I stayed busy by helping a friend get some cards ready for the troops overseas for Mother's Day. I used my DCWV and Colorbok paks as I really liked the texture and the 'mom' like feel of the prints and matching solids. Everything is matted and distressed as well as sewn. Besides the usual 4.25x5.5 card size, I matted twice - once to a 5.25x4 and the top mat to 5x3.75. Easy peasy but still time consuming. But what a wonderful purpose!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Z Cards

Just a few more of the many Easter varieties I did yesterday. I loved the way the white roses worked on the front of the card and I found that my Ancient Page Fox Glove took the place of my depleted Ranger Milled Lavender I had been using for distressing. Today I'll work on Birthday cards as well. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. Leave me a comment on what you have accomplished toward your goals this year.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Equinox and Eggs

Most of the Midwest awoke to a new coating of snow this morning. A lovely 3 inches dusted our lonely wood pile to be dried this year and I took a gorgeous 3 mile walk thru the woods.

While it's known you can stand eggs on end almost any day of the year, it's been our challenge to see how many we can put up on the Equinox (today). Well hubby was unexpectedly called away to fly RCs with his nephew and brother so meanwhile I put up 3 and when he returned he put up 3 more. Some years we've put up 12 very easily. Yet it's no different than any other day, they say.

In the background you can also see my Easter Z fold card. I started an assembly line using up a lot of lavender stash; the figurines are from a CTMH Easter stamp collection. The punch used was a Martha Stewart lace. Hope you enjoyed today.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The next week of posts will be focusing on cards - mainly Easter cards. The following card was made by a friend of mine, Renee D., and she has included the tutorial on how to make it. It really is very very lovely!
CTMH Items - Directions:
Paper: Twitterpated
Sizes of cuts:
4x2.25 (b&t)
4x3 (b&t)
2x4 (colonial white cardstock)
Stamp set: CTMH Enjoy Every Moment
CTMH Embellies: Colonial white and gold
Sweet leaf for distressing the edges and to ink the stamped image
Sunny yellow marker used to color the center of the flowers
Sorbet ink to stamp the words


Thursday, March 18, 2010


To be the Princess of ALL!

Meet Princess Raggs - she'll be 9 on June 1. Today she's basking in the afternoon sun on my sewing machine. We found Raggs abandoned under a ragweed plant in 2001, sickly and near death. She's been our loving queen of all ever since. She was our Whiskers constant companion thru his many years and towards the end she never left his side. And then along came Tinker Belle........well we all know what she'd like to have done with that little white ball of nothing! But she adapted to that as well. And then in 2009 along came Nikko. It took Raggs about 3 months to learn to adapt to the addition of a "dog" to her domain! But all is well now. It is so worth it to rescue a pet.....they give back all the love you pour upon them.

Nikko LOVES his treats - but maybe, just maybe, this was a bit too much!
And here's the Question of the Day - is the front end or the back end?! He gets a grooming in one week, and we'll know for sure then!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Spring is springing to life in Southwestern Wisconsin! My resurrection lilies have appeared in abundance and are just stretching to the sky. My little grape crocus started blooming yesterday - so had to do a layout. All our hard work of cleaning the flower beds is rewarding us!

This is exactly what all of my Resurrection Lillies will look like all over our yard in late July and early August.
Our low temp overnite was 32.50 but today's remarkable high was 66.3 - so we decided to start the season out right by grilling out - COMPLETE WITH S'MORES!!!! Yum, it doesn't get any better than this - especially on ANY March 17!! Hope you all had a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polka Dots, Easter and MORE Shoes!

A Monday evening, TV shows are pretty boring, so why not create cards!

Continuing on with the shoe cards, Mary K. sent me some awesome diecuts - and of course gotta have one of those cute little Cherry Tildas sitting on a shoe!I also felt I needed a start on Easter cards and am doing an assembly line to get my quota! Speaking of quotas, I set challenges for myself at the beginning of the year, at the urging of my friend Pat Martin on our Scrapbook Place group. I'm struggling a little but am doing well.

I have a lot of polka dots on hand and played around til I had some decent examples to work from ... as you can see...using stash. It's fun matching up the larger dots after you cut them in half and remount.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Shoes Cure the Blues

Do they really? Hard to believe I don't even own a REALLY NEW pair of shoes, and have relatively 1 pair for each occasion I hardly ever need, including hiking. But I love to wear good comfie shoes.

Lately I've been on this shoe/card fettish and having a blast. My friend Mary sent me the diecuts of the shoes on this 5x7 card after making them with her SLICE machine. She also sent some mini stamps including the "new shoes cure the blues" quote on this card.

Today Nancy sent me 3 Hero Arts shoe stamps and I'll be using them as well. Holley has some in storage for me - this is turning out to be a lot of fun. And I do have to make up more cards for swaps and all occasions, so why not use shoes?! Thanks ladies for feeding my fettish!

Materials used:
  • Acrylic stamp manufacturer unknown
  • K&Co Urban Photo Mat
  • Diecuts from friend's SLICE cartridge
  • Background cs Provocraft Apple Red
  • Gold cs mfg. unknown
  • Black ribbon from stash
  • BG Designer Rhinestones
Our temps today hit 62.6 official degrees, and it feels so heavenly! I even got hubbie out to help clean out the rest of the flower beds we didn't get done yesterday! Maybe it is time for new shoes!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Layouts on a Sunday Afternoon!

Just a week ago today we gathered to surprise my husband for his upcoming 70th birthday. 2 of his 4 kids and families (including 6 grandchildren) were here with all the treats and gifts. (2 of his children and families - 4 more grandchildren) live out of state. Even Nikko got in on the fun with some jumping on the mini-tramp with Jayln, Justin and Jacob! Birthdays are very special, aren't they?!

My husband is a very special person to me and all of us. If you'd love to see some of the things he has invented over his lifetime, just click on StarCruiser Hovercrafts and have a good read. His next project is to convert my Mongoose bike to electric! That will be a real ride!

When Pig Ears Fly?

Our canine friend came to us in Sept. 2009 - already 9 mos. old. He's worked his way into our hearts every which way possible. We had a wonderful pekignese for 12 years and have missed him terribly since he passed. But we waited many years to be sure of someone needing to be in our lives again. And Nikko came along. We found out he loves pig ears - just as much if not more than Snickers ever did! Only problem is that he devours them totally within a couple hours! In fact he devours any dental type bone we give him - all I can do is shake my head in wonderment........I love the little fella! I did this layout for our group SCRAPBOOK PLACE. In fact, most everything on this layout but the photos came from a fun pasttime called PIFFING at SCRAPBOOK PLACE!

If you love to color with copics or watercolor pencils - totally get lost making cards and layouts for your albums - or just love to enjoy a great swap, come on over to SCRAPBOOK PLACE.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


On September 2, 2011, our new vet verified Belle is indeed a blue point Balinese/Himalayan.  She's a wonderful breed if you are ever looking for a feline.  :)
Belle is my buddy, wherever I am in the house. I'll turn and she's keeping her eye on me. She used to love to play with the images on the computer screen, til she got a little older and her weight changed and the keys started typing! I am an animal rescuer - Belle came to us in 2004 from being abused. She weighed 3 lb. at 9 months. The vet told us she would always be petite; now she's over 6 and weighs only 7 altho her hair certainly makes her look heavier! She rules the roost around our Zuchon, Nikko. She just merely walks in and eats his food or takes his toys - and he sits and waits carefully. He's had a taste of her claws! I colored the digi image last evening for a page in my BOM (Book of Me) depicting Belle's daily brushing I do for her.

Friday, March 12, 2010

On our group, Scrapbook Place, we have 2 queens each month and the rest of the members shower her with images and raks. What an awesome time! The above card was made up for one of our current queens!
My husband's 70th birthday was this past Tuesday and I treated him to a dinner and a movie, along with this card and some surprise gifts!
I made this card ahead of time for my eldest daughter's birthday.

March 12, 2010

Well at the advice and prompting of one of my best buds, Holley B., I'm jumping into blogging! My goals yet are not set - it took me forever to answer all the questions to get to this point. But with your questions and advice, this retired lady will enjoy the world of blogging from her computer with her faithful dog Nikko by her side!

Uploading photos for Ancestry files:

 Urania and Alfred Fries and 10 children

 Roland Fries

 Susan, Linda, Joan, Dennis,Tom, Douglas, Roger
 Polly Jennings Fries and Roland Fries